‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ Writer Says Arguments with Leonardo DiCaprio Forced Script Changes

The "Killers of the Flower Moon" script by Eric Roth proceeds to rewrite while the next spectacular crime of Martin Scorsese is waiting until 2021, when they start to film.

Originally, cameras were expected to start rollouting the "Crop Moon" in March 2020.

News broke in August, but Roth says that the last episode in the podcast 'Script Notes' is March 2021, and that "Flower Moon's development will begin in February 2021.

The reports Leonardo DiCaprio battled to redesign Roth's initial draft are also verified by Roth.

"On this novel, 'The Killers of the Flower Moon,' which everybody could read for four or five years, I invested.

This is a lovely novel," said Roth.

"I think the novel was precise in my screenplay.

It's the tale of Osage's 1921 Indians, the poorest citizens in the US to find the oil they've pushed through in this awful land in Oklahoma.

And every murderer in America murders 184 of them but this brave man steps in to help]."

Roth said When the Covid clears up, and that's Martin Scorsese, it is planned to begin shooting in March.

You're going to keep rewriting it.

Leonardo [DiCaprio] needed some of the stuff we were debating to alter.

His [arguments] won percent.

Half of them I won. I won.

So it occurs." This is so.

The Hollywood Reporter reported a story that revealed that the revision by the DiCaprio of Roth's initial script was the key element in the decision of paramount Pictures to sell the film to Apple.

DiCaprio was starry in Roth's movie version as a hero, a federal agent who works with the newly created FBI who goes to the nation of Osage for the settlement of a range of murders.

DiCaprio moved the screenplay to rewrite it in order to take the villainous assassin's nephew Robert De Niro played.

By the THR: "DiCaprio will introduce in its updated edition the nephew of Robert De Niro, villain, who was caught between his uncle's caring and sinister machinations.

A source understanding the circumstance stated that Paramount feared that the film was becoming a modest and less commercial thesis. Once Scorsese and DiCaprio had revamped the 'Killers of the Moon,' the long-term manager of DiCaprio, Rick Yorn, had been empowered by Paramount to shop the project.

The studio definitely hoped that nobody would tackle it because Scorsese could be convinced to return to the initial concept and budget."

Roth modified the same-name book for the project for David Grann initially.

Based on the interview with the screenwriter "Plot Notes," the "Flower Moon" version that would be published in 2021 would only make up 50 percent of the initial picture that he had on the project.

Here you can listen to the entire podcast.

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