Christmas isn't cancelled! Where to stay and be merry this year

Regardless of what happens in December, hotels and self catering choices remain, and restrictions permit you to finish the year on a happier note

It won't be the same, of course, but this year, Christmas will definitely be cut back with a complete lockout on us all until at least 2 December.

And there would definitely be differing prohibitions in Britain, even after the national lockdown has finished.

As before it could be prohibited to combine households with many and to have parties of more than six individuals for everyone, but we can always have a memorable Christmas if we're stubborn, creative, and versatile.

As it is impossible that my husband and I will spend Christmas with our families since that will make up more than six individuals, we have chosen – though definitely not far from – to spend this period and it is a great help to have a decision, though it is quite odd to have it all.

On Sept 1, our late mother would call me and my sister "playing about Christmas" every year without fail.

Who will come, when would the time exactly be, who would sleep in which tent, whether we had to brine or cook turkey, or maybe one of us would sleep and sit on a camp bed along the Aga, while slowly roasting through the night?? Who would have to come and leave?

Who will bring chocolates, cats, nuts and crackers from the Neapolitans?

The accumulation was constant and exhaustive, but it still was a fun and enjoyable occurrence that about a dozen of us were crouched around the dinner table to open the famed teasing table of my mother (the best being a set of minute empty boxes one within the other, which eventually unveiled a rather generous cheque).

I don't know about you, but I don't really want to stay at our house on the New Forest on Christmas Day, gaze at my married husband sadly through a loaded turkey breast, to think about what should have been, even though it's a bad replacement because she went into the sky to replicate the No-holds-barred, no-detail-stretched holiday in my wife.

So we went away from Awol and made a strategy.

We booked in a quaint local café with space, a nice and casual location on the woods with a cozy shepherd 's cottage, one of which we will have on Christmas eve.

In the meantime, six of the household-one son, one married son, one year-old woman plus mother and sister of my daughter-in - law-will share our home.

Three more-my niece, husband and son-booked Thatched Eaves, a nearby B&B with comfort, a hamper for winter glow and a slap-off meal.

Arms of Lygon

Okay, so are we really going to meet?

Should we meet? Will we meet?

Yeah, we would and we will on the ferry from Yarmouth to Lymington, on the boxing day-while appropriately veiled and remote-we can walk down the magnificent Tennyson down to the attraction of NEEEDLES on the road, unfortunately Covid-closed this Christmas.

The carousel is stationary, so at least we can see the needles from the Lookout Tower, head down to the cove, see the Sand and the candy stores, and make use of the loos. Father Christmas need not go to the grotto.

After walking to and from Freshlwater Bay, we will exchange turkey sandwiches, Christmas cake, table gifts, obviously, on the ferry, through Afton Marsh, and via Yar to beautiful Yarmouth.

I think it will be an exciting day out and it will sound like a vacation.

And you might imagine, my relatives still decided to move back to my house at Christmas.

But although my mother claimed my Christmas bunch would be so awful that she didn't listen to King's College's Nine Lessons and Carols, Cambridge at 15Pm, or watch the Queen at 15PM on Christmas Day, everyone would have an excuse to run, have a rest and refresh their own battery.

And she definitely will also understand that the conditions of 2020 are the right year for improvements to take shape.

In this Christmas Guide, we have gathered (hopefully) our list of hotels, which remain accessible for self-catering at the time of pressing.

We're still planning festivals and activities, which I hope will continue.

In the event of a cancelation or shift of schedule, always review the booking policy if advance bookings are necessary.

At all times hotels pause at Christmas but none more than this year because, amid the pressures and limitations induced by a pandemic, they are heroically committed to give their visitors an unforgettable experience.

You will encounter the best standards and lots of fun everywhere you want.

Arms of fife

In the Fife Arms, for instance, a fondue, a Glühwein and roasted chestnut counter, a Christmas tea room with stollen servings, a mini-generation pavilion and hot cocoa with Sprungli, a bourbon and chocolate bar in the bookshop, the garden will be a magical playground for children and adults, etc. For example in the Highlands of Scotland, the Alpine − Winter will take place.

The Grosvenor Hotel in Stockbridge has carol singed under the gateway on Christmas Eve, a string quartet and a celebrity pianist, and a jazz couple at the boxing day gathering, with the flames roasting on Lord Crewe 's arms, cosy tents, hearty feasties and surprises under the twinkling tree.

Self catering means Christmas, but something new. Self catering.

When we attempted our scheduled stroll, we past the lovely East Afton farmhouse on Île de Wight, booked in another location, but noted it for another year.

Because the Old Millhouse in Dalkeith is a predominantly Scottish family, the offer of Hogmanay at the end of Christmas week might have been fun and the comfortable National Trust Rose Castille Cottage in Lake District often calls to the other side of the pricing scale.

For family activities, there's always something to do, from Santa Steam Trains to Hampton Court ice skating.

Not all is lost: the final collection is here.

Please don't let it pour, bundle up tight!


You might well be the right year to do it if you never stayed in a hotel for Christmas before.

There's 10 of our favorite choices, from pure unbridled decadence to cozy chic country.

Place in the Forests, Fresh Woodland

This chic B&B includes a vibrant café and enticing delicacies with five herd's cabins.

Overlooking a desolate garden is a wide wooden veranda.

On Christmas Eve, there are two and three-night packages that begin with welcome drinks and nibbles.

2 nights from GBP 660. 3 nights out of GBP 980.

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Arms of lord crew

Northumberland, Lord Crewe Arms

The manor lord house, set in the village of a pine-neat farm, is an aura that stirs at every turn of the stone.

An honest British cuisine credibility, plus the countryside, makes this famous among foot-and - mouth citizens.

Expect Buck's fizz for Christmas, board games through rumbling flames and loads of fun.

Two nights ( from £359.

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The Fife Arms, The Highlands of Scotland

The joy of foreign art dealers Hauser & Wirth is information in this wildly romantic, sublimely relaxed and special passion project.

This year, it all goes for Christmas. On Christmas Eve, the crackers and wreathers would use foraged supplies and store them the next morning on each room's frame.

Of GBP 543 (

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Stockbridge, Hampshire, Grosvenor

This historic hotel for fly fishing now offers comfort and elegance; it is enjoyable, thoughtful, and yet traditional.

Yuletide festivities may involve a Christmas Eve tea to be celebrated by carol singers (safely).

The is three night away from 685pp.

the arms of fife

Cotswolds, the Lygon Arms

The famous Lygon Arms has a stunning door to walks and an impressive pool, becoming one of the most historic inns in Britain.

Christmas Eve is also going to see socially remote carol singers and four-legged visitors with their plants.

From − every night £345.

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Berkshire, Cliveden

It was built at the end of the 17th century on the banks of the Thames, between 376 acres of greenery, in Berkshire.

In the end of an unsurprisingly terrible year, attend the 3-night all-inclusive House Party of Cliveden with a festive afternoon tea, carol singers and lots of fun.

Everything consisting of three nights beginning at £3,900 (

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London's Claridge's

Christmas is not like Claridge's somewhere in London.

3 nights, 3,315 £(

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Victoria Climate

Ned, London London

Swim it off at the beach and chill in the sauna and steam tub in the spa.

One of £540 nights; two of £98 nights;