I was alone when I came to the UK - I want to make my mum's dreams come true

The signature Brexit Immigration Act was introduced this week by MPs to delete some of the routes of child migrants family unification present in the sense of EU legislation.

Ridwan the former child immigrant, having crossed the Mediterranean through Europe, had been able to reach his aunt in the UK since his mother's passing.

Here he describes how his life was transformed by being invited to visit Britain.

When I was nine I left Eritrea with my mother and my younger brother.

We looked for equality and a better existence.

We crossed the Red Sea into Yemen for the first time, but the fighting there made it too risky to continue.

After two years we went by boat back to Sudan and crossed the Egyptian desert where we didn't have any food or water.

We came up to the coast of the Mediterranean with a hope to enter Europe, but I lost my little brother and mum during the sea crossing-the third of our trip.

It's part of life I agree and we've taken the chance.

We realize that some of us will sacrifice someone we love, but we have to risk it in order to live a better life.

I was first born in Italy in a migrant camp – I was the only kid in Italy.

At first, it was terrifying, because I had people surrounding me.

Mother still took care of me, and I had to look after myself now.

My tale staying in the UK learned where I was and said that I must be lawfully brought there.

I was glad because, like any refugee does, I decided to go illegally through Europe and go to England.

At that stage in my life, I took so many chances that I had been enthusiastic to them and when I died, I was saying, that's hard luck.

However, I was luckily permitted to go into my treasure house in Great Britain thanks to the EU Treaty which enables children migrants who have visited Europe to obtain their claims of asylum in their Member State of family.

Although the rule will no longer exist in the United Kingdom from January.

In compliance with UK migration law, I should not have followed my aunt because family members had to have the rank of asylum, but my aunt had already been given British citizenship.

My life changed when I moved to the UK.

I'm now pursuing A and I want to become a civil engineer.

I want to fulfill the hopes of my mom and brother.