De Descartes à Einstein, comment l’étude de la lumière a bouleversé notre représentation du monde

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Today, a physicist returns to the two centuries of study that helped us to "understand" the sun.

Technologies focused on understanding and mastery of light have become important – displays, telecommunications, imagery, laser and its many apps.

In the field of research, optics and photonics have been providing highly sensitive tools in recent decades, such as the detection of the black hole in the center of our galaxy (thanks to the adaptation optic), gravitational waves (thanks to giant interferometers), or the realization of some of the most stable clocks in the world.

Beyond these impressive achievements, study on light-or with light-has characterized our representations of the real universe for decades.

We would function here to demonstrate the strong ties that occur between developments in this field of science and the advent in the 20th century of theories which have transformed our view of light but also space, time and matter.

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