Monday morning news briefing: Pressure on Donald Trump to go quietly

After playing Golf last night, Donald Trump offers a double thumb.


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Donald Trump's pressure to make elections grows

What's the next step for Donald Trump?

He is under intensified strain to award the U.S. President's race, after George W Bush thanked Joe Biden on his win.

The former president is the leading Republican to make a decision.

In the aftermath of the Trump Referendum, the First Lady Melania Trump is identified as a private appeal for contributions in order to battle legal challenges.

American publisher Ben Riley-Smith commented on a confused White House photo.

So, if Mr Trump declines to award the presidency.

Mr. Trump boasted that he was willing to stand in the center of Fifth Avenue before the election of 2016 and shoot somebody and people always voted for him.

Experts agree that the courts are not now too excusing.

Mr Trump faces a rash of proceedings and the possible possibility of incarceration after office.

In the meantime, Biden continues work to brush out some of the more divisive initiatives of Mr Trump, by using the resources of the Oval Office to erase the core planks from the platform of his predecessor.

Mr. Biden's Advisors, Kamala Harris' vice president, secretly indicated that he wanted to create a most varied Cabinet in US history.

However, Boris Johnson would threaten a split with Mr Biden, pushing a Brexit bill, which he said will jeopardize Northern Irish stability, the President-elect said.

Quarantine Hospital Call for Fear of 'Mink'

In order to avoid a mutated form of coronavirus from spreading to the UK, the UK hospitals have been directed to evacuate patients with a reported "mink virus."

After the "cluster 5" mutation-fearfully immune to the vaccine-detected in 12 individuals, the vets in Denmark began sacrificing 17 million mink and sapped from cattle.

Britain restricted entry of immigrants from Denmark who were non-resident and enforced restrictions on commerce, threatening the availability of pork and bacon.

Our special article is from Bill Gardner.

Absence of a Royal: Submission rejected by Prince Harry's Cenotaph

Royal brokers also denied Prince Harry 's order that a wreath be laid on his behalf at Cenotaph.

The Duke of Sussex decided to go back to the UK, but was not invited and had no official position.

On his visit to Los Angeles National Cemetery, he was followed by the Duchess.

Read the Cenotaph story by Joe Shute, where on Saturday, the Queen appeared like no other on a balcony.

See an amazing photo gallery.

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Even in the news: various stories today

Members of the national trust have raged in the Board of Trustees of the foundation, accusing it of having "a witch search into the life of the former proprietors" and following a "wok agenda." The charitable organization's

It came as a group of 26 conservative MEPs told Telegra that, in anticipation of a popular debate on the future of confidence on Wednesday, "history must not be sanitized or updated."

First Nation Branson's Virgin Hyperloop air transportation

Spain Hundreds of African migrants arrive on the Canaries

I don't deplore the Palace's split, Fagan tells.

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I Am one of the most acclaimed competitors Victoria Derbyshire

All over the world: Azerbaijan's fighting tips

After claiming to have taken over an important strategic town in the contested Nagorno-Karabakh region, Azerbaijan announced a victory in its war with Armenia.

The city was re-captured by Armenian troops who refused hard combat.

Look at the gallery now.

The triumph is greeted by the Baku people carrying the Azeri banner.


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Football A blistering assault by Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola on the Premier League has been launched criticizing the configuration schedule and the reluctance to accept five alternatives.

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