Robert Webb offers health update after major heart surgery

After a big heart operation last year, Robert Webb is "absolutely fine" and "available for panto."

In 2019 the singer, most known as the work-loss musician Jez, found that he had a heart murmur caused by a prolapse of the mitral valve.

Since the problem of the second series of his sitcom was discovered during a routine medical examination, Back was told that he needed immediate surgery to save his life.

"What heart murmur?"

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At The One Show with co-star David Mitchell, the 48-year-old said that despite having had open-heart surgery he regained usual life expectancy.

"Everything got drastic because we had done rehearsing and it was like October 2019 – all pre-pandemic a very long time ago now – and I went to the cast.

"It's generally just that: 'Look about and cough, don't ask too many questions about your fitness' anything like that.

"And the doctor put on my heart his stethoscope.

I looked at his face, as you do, and he went...

That was not a positive indication. That was not a good sign.

"He asked, 'What have you done to the heart whispering?' And I said, 'What heart whispering?

"A few days later I've had a few tests, and a cardiologist said that in the next two to six months you won't have a heart-attack, but that heart will fail."

Matt Crossick, David Mitchell.

"It wasn't something you could cure with pills, he said, which was an open-hearted surgical spot.

So I did the shooting for the first week.

Nobody asked me to, I don't know why I did it."

He said, "When I knew that I was scraping around the studio for some time, I just didn't attempt a heart attack and maybe I felt it would be safer if I went home.

"I'm completely okay.

I have a normal heart function, normal life span, I'm available for panto."

The filming began again in February 2020 and was suspended again after three weeks due to Covid-19, which was ultimately wrapped in September.

Webb has since recently ceased drinking and smoking, after a struggle against alcoholic dependency.