Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre abandons plans to stage 101 Dalmatians this year

Regent's Open Air Theater announced that its plans to stage 101 Dalmatians had been scrapped this year.

The central London site says it seems likely that there will be limitations on coronaviruses as rehearsals start in March and social distances will persist throughout the performance time.

The theater said in a statement that it is not possible for them to continue the music "practically and financially" as expected.

The production, which according to the theater has a large ensemble, is scheduled to run from 15 May to 20 June.


Open Air Theater, January 21, 2021 Open Air Cinema,

Timothy Sheader, artistic director, said: "While we're going to contact all ticket owners in order to reimburse them, with our co-producer, writer and creative teams we'll be exploring all the options and very looking forward to announcing new production plans."

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The website for the outdoor theater claimed that "the loss of a complete production when we can only perform in summertime is a major reversal to our theatre" and called on the public to contribute to the venue.

The Theater Trust has said earlier that many theaters cannot be revived with social distancing steps.

London's arts venues, including theatres, could not be opened after Tier 3 coronavirus restrictions were imposed under the city last month.

Regent's Park Open Air Theater said that it expects to proceed with Romeo And Juliet and Carousel's shows later this year.

Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber announced earlier this month that he is going to continue to play Cinderella in London's West End Gillian Lynne Theatre, with pre-visions planned for 30 April.

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