Olivia Attwood criticises influencers claiming to need to travel abroad for work

Olivia Attwood blamed influencers who state that they need to work overseas and say they "loses family members every day."

The star of reality is social media figures who share paying foreign relationships while stringent coronavirus controls stay in effect at home.

Current laws mean that citizens, even international travel, are not required to travel excessively.

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"There is a difference between getting money from anywhere and being on vacation for work," said Attwood in a video on Instagram.

"I'll upload material that I can monetise while I go on holiday.

"I'm always on holidays, but don't worry, 'Yeah, I was working flat out, [my boyfriend] in Portugal, but don't worry.

You sound so dumb.

"And in parallel to that, 'Oh we are all in this together, this is our fight.'

"You're on holiday and to be fair, I don't blame you for ******."

Attwood said she would not preclude herself from a trip abroad.

(Ian West / Palestine)

"If this continues for another six months, I won't say I might not be tempted to take a trip, because I would likely be f******," she said.

Attwood said influencers who pretend to work overseas "give a lot of gain a poor reputation, when people are actually gone and laid hands and looked like, 'Yeah, I'm on vacation.'"

Attwood said: "They lose their families every day, they can't pay rents, the life-long businesses they worked on are collapsing around them and you are on the beach to tell us we don't know how hard it is."