Jo Whiley offers update on sister Frances following positive coronavirus test

Jo Whiley told her sister Frances "my thanks" to all who supported her after her coronavirus had been contracted.

Last week the broadcaster announced that her niece, who has difficulties with literacy and diabetes, was taken to a Covid-19 hospital following an infection in her nursing home in Northamptonshire.

Although 55, she wondered if her 53-year-old sister with the unusual Cri du Chat genetic condition had received this vaccine.

Frances update: a line.

To begin with, Frances would like to thank everyone who has supported her, in particular the wonderful doctors and nurses of the NHS, and her many loved ones.

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— Jo Whiley (@jowhiley) March 23, 2021

She updated her sister's health on Tuesday, writing on Twitter: "It's hard to think we went from talking about palliative care on Friday night to sat at their favorite tea bench."

She added: "Covid took more problems with him.

"We're struggling with diabetes worrying and elevated blood pressure complications, and my parents are unbelievably drained.

"Behind a visor and mask, it's so hard to watch, hollow doesn't cover it."

In addition to Frances' video, which shows a thumbs up and cheers, While saying that her sister "don't forget to thank everyone who helped her, especially the wonderful NHS doctors and nurses, and her many good friends."

She has also reiterated her call to prioritize people with intellectual disorders in the rollout of vaccines.

"Not everybody was as fortunate as us," she said.

(Ian West/PA) Jo Whiley

"So many have died or suffer from Covid long because they have clearly not been vaccinated.

"We have to show them they're not forgotten and we care about them."

The BBC's The Andrew Marr Show was told by Whiley on Sunday she had the "worst week" of her life since she was diagnosed with Frances.