Hillary Clinton pens thriller featuring ‘high stakes diplomacy and treachery’

With a book about terrorist threats and a US administration "dangerously out of touch," Hillary Clinton became a mystery.

In the summer, the recent presidential candidate publishes the first novel State Of Fear.

With author Louise Penny, she wrote the novel.

Publishers state that the "high thriller of international intriguing features behind the scenes informs global drama that only an insider can know."

The novel revolves around a novitiate secretary of state who 'joined the administration of her competitor,' a president who opened up after four years of the American leadership which shrank from the world stage.' Louise Penny (Jean-François Berube)

It includes "a number of terrorist attacks (which) disrupt the global order and the secretary is responsible for bringing together an equipment to disengage the deadly conspiracy."

Ex Secretary of State of the United States, Ms Clinton said, "It is a fantasy to write a thriller with Louise.

Each of her books and characters, as well as her friendship, I have appreciated.

"We are now joining our experiences in discovering the dynamic world of the diplomatic and traitorous high stakes.

Not all is as it first appears."

Canadian author Penny said that it was "an unbelievable experience to get into the State Department, into the White House, into the minds of the state secretary, because high crisis is exploding."

She added: "We thought about her tenure as Secretary of State before we began.

What was the worst of her nightmare?

The response is State Of Terror."

"This is a tale for our times and we are confident that it will establish itself as a bestseller for many years to come," said Jeremy Trevathan, Pan Macmillan publisher.

Pan Macmillan will publish State Of Fear in the UK in October.