Gigi Hadid celebrates four months with her ‘best kid’ with Zayn Malik

Four months after her baby girl was conceived, Gigi Hadid has celebrated.

The 25-year-old model gave birth in September 2020 to her first child with former One Director actor Zayn Malik.

The pair also have to announce the identity of their daughter and they have taken care not to include her face in exchanged photos.

Gigi and Hadid's daughter (Instagram)

Hadid posted an image of herself kissing her daughter on the cheek, but almost totally out of the system with the baby.

She wrote: "My girl, four months & The Best Child."

She also pointed to the struggles of pregnancy, posted a close up video of her face and wrote: "I am proud of you to new moms, if you have washed your face today!"

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Hadid Gigi (Instagram)

Malik revealed that in September, he first became a father and said: "It will be an impossible feat to attempt to bring into words how I feel right now.

"The passion I have for this little human being goes beyond my comprehension.

"Grateful to know her, proud to call her mine, and grateful for our life together."

Hadid said that she planned it in April. Jimmy Fallon and Malik told chat show host that they were "happy and grateful for everyone's good wishes and support."

The Hadid born in Los Angeles and Malik born in Bradford have been dating on and off since the end of 2015.

Hadid joked two months after she was born to be "a whole new type of busy & fatigued."

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