Ellie Goulding announces surprise baby news

Ellie Goulding's her first born pregnant.

The 34 year-old singer told British Vogue in an interview with her art dealer Caspar Jopling from the Gloucestershire home.

She noticed out on her one year wedding anniversary she was pregnant and said that both of them were shocked.

In York Minster, Ellie Goulding and Caspar Jopling married (Matt Porteous/PA)

Goulding, who is 30 weeks pregnant, said in August that she had seen, a vibrant event at the V&A Museum, until she was awaited to be discovered.

"We did the one presentation, she told the paper.

I was pregnant and didn't have any idea.

"That's been (around) the time when Caspar and I went momentarily when we had the right to mark our one-year anniversary.

"It was nuts as it was our anniversary for one year.

"The idea wasn't that.

The notion of conception didn't seem to be a reality.

Being pregnant made me feel human.

Ellie Goulding is playing at the London V&A Museum (Jennifer McCord/PA)

"I want a better word than a lady, (but) I've got curves that I never before had.

I'm loving it. I'm enjoying it.

My husband enjoys it."

The singer-songwriter of Lights said that she wanted to keep her pregnancy secret when it came to the press.

"Truly it happens quickly, and at first you almost don't believe it," she said.

"You still eat the same, looking the same, I probably ignored that for some time.

I was in such a strong health streak."

On 31 August 2019, Goulding and Mr Jopling knotted in a glamorous engagement at York Minster.

The charts had a conventional handmade wedding gown with a veil and a train designed for Chloe by Natacha Ramsay-Levi, while Mr. Jopling had selected a suit from the Savile Row customers Huntsman.