Government furthers investigation into Tesla camera failures

WASHINGTON (AP) — US safety authorities continue to probe concerns regarding the malfunction of Tesla's giant touchscreens and the disappearance of cars' rear view camera and other features.

About 159,000 vehicles may be impacted by this issue is the study from the National Highway Safety Administration.

The Agency said that a technological review has been undertaken to assess whether or not the models ought to be recalled, the extent and safety implications of this obvious flaw.

If the touchscreen fails, the rear camera picture view can be lossed while reverse gear is chosen and rear vision can also be decreased in backup, according to the agency paper.

The Touchscreen fault may also have an impact on driver aid, auto pilot and turn signals defogging skills and audible gossip.

In June, 63,000 Model S vehicles with flash memory displays were launched with a tentative inquiry focused on the amount of program and deletion periods.

The screens will fail early as a function of the capacity of memory.

During 2012-2018 model S and 2016-2018 models X constructed by early 2018 have been used on the same screens and transformers, the organization added.

An early Monday message was left requesting Tesla's comments.