Diwali celebrations move online to beat coronavirus restrictions

Diwali Festival is basically marked in the United Kingdom since the limitation of coronavirus prevents many people celebrating in person.

Many councils have looked online to observe Diwali in England, which is a national lock-down to avoid the spread of Covid-19.

In the West Midlands Combined Authority and the Indian Consulate, the Leicester City Council is requesting merchants to submit video messages that are used in its entertainment.

Leicester's festivities, reported to be the largest light festival celebrations outside India," will include photos of last year's fireworks, as well as musical, dance and the diva lamp's typical illumination.

The Deputy Mayor Piara Singh Clair has said that 'We all need to find new means of celebrating big festivals such as Diwali and Christmas this year.'

"Our immersive Diwali festival would help pull together people for an experiment they can experience with a family Member or acquaintance, wherever they are in the world – while we will no longer visit our extended families directly this year.

Related outdoor festivals were postponed in Edinburgh and Cardiff this year because of constraints in Scotland and in Wales, but they will still be hosted with multimedia gatherings like concerts and other cultural activities.

The usually lighten their homes and spaces with candles and lanterns for Diwali Hindus, Jains and Sichs.

Diwali is one of the most popular festivals on the Hindu calendar, which symbolizes the triumph of light over darkness and good over bad.

(PA Pictures) Jeff Spicer

The festival was celebrated in London by Canary Wharf with a Rangoli based floating flowers installation unveiled in the fountain of Jubilee Park on Monday.

The biggest Diwali celebrations in London, which take place every year on Trafalgar Square, is cancelled online.

Every year, over 30.000 participants are invited to an online experience free of charge.

Downdown Street (Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire) was marked by Exchequer Chancellor Rishi Sunak

"The Diwali would be distinct from the ones which we have experienced," said Sister Jayanti, chair of Diwali in London Committee 2020.

However I am sure Diwali's spirit would surely be powerful and healthy!

"Diwali is a festival of light and therefore we ought to ensure that our inner light remains on while there seem to be many tragic accounts of depravity, disease and financial distress, both of which are the product of a virus"

On the evening of Thursday, Chancellor Rishi Sunak shone out of the festival on 11th Downing Lane.