Tilda Swinton has always considered herself queer: ‘It’s my world’

The iconic actress Tilda Swinton has revealed that she has "always felt queer" and that she has a close, queer and artistic family surrounded.

In an interview in the February 2021 issue of British Vogue, Swinton spoke about who makes up her artistic circle that she described as a "queer circus."

Following the definition of her 'wonderful link' with late Queer fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld and her strong relationship with LGBT+ director Derek Jarman, Swinton announced that she still considered herself to be queer.

She said: "I'm really aware that, anyway, queer is really about sensitivity for me.

"I still knew like I was gay – and I just looked and found my queer circus.

And it's my world, having discovered it.

"Now I have the West Anderson family, the Bong Joon-ho family, the Jim Jarmusch family, the Luca Guadagnino family, Lynne Ramsay and the Joanna Hogg family."

Queer actress Tilda Swinton says she's "likely" to be a lesbian

Tilda Swinton has also experimented in her roles of gender, in 1992 Orlando, as a male and a woman, and in 2005 Constantine, portraying androgynous angel Gabriel.

She spoke about gender in 2009, saying, "My definition of sex is that I don't even know it's there.

"When I've experimented with the notion of changing gender, I've explored this concept laterally after Orland and other pieces of work I did... The whole idea of transformation is at the core of what I want to do and not least of the notion of gender.

It is very personal. It is a very personal matter.

"As Orlando does in the film, I can categorically say: Yes, I'm probably a woman."

She added: "I don't know if I will ever honestly say I was a kid – for a long time, I have been a kind of child.

I don't know who knows that? Who knows?

It changes." It changes.