Riz Ahmed reveals he got married recently

Riz Ahmed recently revealed that he married.

Rogue One star and rapper, 38, told two family members that he had lost coronavirus last year, did not disclose his wife's name, but said it was "not long ago" when he tied up his knot.

"I guess it is the first time I've ever mentioned it in an interview, he told the Grounded With Louis Theroux podcast.

"Welcome to this incredibly exciting scoop.

"I mean I don't really think it's so relevant in general, so I don't really delve into my personal life, my dating history, and even my family life and to be honest the main reason I decided to share this more publicly about my uncle and aunt who died, since I felt like there's a lot of people who didn't take Covid seriously.

"I felt like I was talking about this and saying, 'Hey look, that's a real thing.

"You know, you talk about it, a speech piece which also touched on it.

"I don't think I have to go, 'Hey, here is all that's happening in my life'."

Ahmed also talked about a "cultural shock" he saw as an Oxford student and said that in the UK film industry the same kind of "classism" exists.

He said, "My parents focused solely on education.

Instead of going on holiday or anything like that we are trying to get a trainer to prepare us for entrance exams, try and learn how to get us into private schools that are like a cultural shock at first, as Oxford was in many ways.

"I think it's like so much navigating life in England, but also training.

"Most of the rooms in which decisions are made have to speak English in that high middle class, and I mean not just the way you talk, but just being comfortable in the spaces that have taken me a great deal of time.

"I still find myself facing this discomfort sometimes.

If you're not at the birthplace, you know this sense of impostor syndrome.

"And so, it prepared me in many ways to navigate that.

"I think the UK film industry is rife with the same classicism and it was a strange experience.

In Oxford, I thought about leaving early on, I just felt very isolated and alienated from the entire atmosphere there.

"And then, in actual fact, I thought that the place where you don't feel you belong might be where you belong, where you should be, perhaps where you can contribute something new to grow.

"We must learn to be comfortable with this inconvenience.

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