Regina King: I’m so much more interesting now I’m approaching 50

Regina King said she feels "so much more interesting," now her 50th birthday is nearing.

In her first director's debut One Night In Miami, a fictitious account by night boxer Cassius Clay, rights activist Malcolm X, singer-songwriter Sam Cooke (Spain) and the NFL actor, Jim Brown, who shared a time together in a hotel room in 1964, were tipped up for more awards.

She also received an Emmy at Watchmen for her turn, based on the graphic novel of the same name, and said that she believes that she has grown with age.

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King, who's about to turn 50, told British Vogue this month: "I believe I'm so much more fascinating now than I was, as a 50-year-old woman soon to be, at 25.

"I will add a great deal more to the table.

Among both nations, I guess that's the same.

"You still don't have the endurance at 25, so what do you know now?

Too much better." So much better."

Just five women have been nominated as the best director Oscar – Lina Wertmuller, Seven Beauties for Jane Campion, Lost In Translation for Sofia Coppola, The Hurt Locker for Kathryn Bigelow, and Lady Bird for Greta Gerwig, though only Bigelow was nominated.

King and Nomadland filmmaker Chloe Zhao are thought to be a nominee for the honor.

King said: "With the numbers being off for so long, you could eventually be able to see more than one of the best pictures or the best candidate for a woman as director in the ceremony.

"To be spoken about in the same talks Zhao is... wow.

It's pleasing."

The Academy recently launched stringent films in the area of diversity in order to become the best picture, forcing studios to enhance diversity both in the front and back of the camera and in management positions, and King is optimistic that it will make a difference.

"I think it will inspire viewers to expand their viewpoint and make the story deeper.

"The Oscars were designed for promotion at the end of the day, and obviously I'm not taking away it is also to honor moviemakers and artists, but these awards shows were intended to promote the sale of the tickets."

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