Regina King: British actors should be able to play American roles

She did not think that British actors should be prohibited from portraying American characters, Regina King said.

The award-winning Oscar actress recently debuted with One Night In Miami, a story by Cassius Clay, Civil-rights protester Malcolm X, singer-songwriter Sam Cooke and NFL actor Jim Brown who spent 1964 in a hotel room together.

Kingsley Ben-Adir, a British actor, was cast as Malcolm X in the film.

Kingsley Ben-Adir is starring in One Night in Miami (Ian West/PA) as Malcolm X

King Reggie Yates for Bafta, 49, said during an interview with the radio broadcaster, that she saw no reason why international stars should not play US characters.

She added that if she cast him as Malcolm X, she was mindful that Ben-nationality Adir's would "come my way."

"I feel that the role should be the best actor for me, the actor who really understands the role they play," she said.

King said: "If I have been moved by a performance, I don't really care where a person comes from because they really understand what they were doing and what they embodied as an audience member."

She added that Ben-Adir was Malcolm X's best actor.

King described the script as "a letter of love to the experience of the Black man in America."

King added: "But then take things a step back to really make poor people all over the world sound like Black people in Britain, Brazil and the USA.

'While indeed, the history of how a society is new, a black man's marginalization is the same.

"Colourism is the same everywhere."

One Night in Miami, released last year, is one of the most popular films in the prize season.