Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Adarsh Gourav on representation in The White Tiger

Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Adarsh Gourav spoke of the importance of representing South Asians in international cinema and shared hope that their latest Netflix film The White Tiger was a step forward.

The pair appear in the adaptation of the winning Aravind Adiga Booker Prize novel on contemporary India's ethnic tensions.

Gourav is the hero of Balram Halwai, a poor townsman who becomes a successful entrepreneur after he lands a job as a driver for a rich couple of Rajkummar Rao and Chopra Jonas.

Before she moved to Hollywood and serves as executive producer in the film, the actress, who was a Bollywood sensation, told the PA news agency, "We're one fifth of the global population and you don't see this in one fifth of the films made or on TV in the global entertainment.

"Then I believe it's extremely important and it's really a quest for me, as a producer, to align with South Asian stories where I can, and to push a representation where I can, because you can't do that many places."

"I believe it will encourage filmmakers from all over the world to come forward and share their own stories, and will perhaps resonate with the rest of the world with this film." said Gourav. Gourav.

The White Tiger (Tejinder Singh Khamkha/Netflix) is made up of Adarsh Gourav, Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Rajkummar Rao;

"It's a very universal and very narrative tale.

For me, I believe I played two very various characters, each portraying what India is, an India of light and an India of darkness.

"But that's just what the whole universe is.

You still see two parts of society, and that is what led me to the film."

Chopra Jonas posted photographs from the social media film last year, and said, "It's a story that will make you feel uncomfortable," "I think we're so de-sitting about life that there's a lot of people, a whole world population (they're living) – without opportunities, without choices.

So proud to present the first look by Ramin Bahrani of THE WHITE TIGER, based on The best selling of the New York Times and the 2008 Man Booker Prize-winning news. (1/5)

October 15, 2020 — PRIYANKA (@priyankashopra).

"Their birth rights determine their destiny and that, like Adarsh said, it gave me choices, it gave me a voice in life, it made me very uncomfortable, Balram's story made me root of him, and I felt this when I was reading the novel.

"When it was made, I chased myself and volunteered my services to join the film because it is really what the world wants to look at.

"You know, historical novelists have had the hard job of writing stories that explore social tensions, and this is one of them.

"Aravind Adiga has done such a great job of telling a story so universal that it is based specifically on the Indian divide."

Agent Ramin Bahrani said he read the book almost four years ago, because Adiga is a close friend.

He went on to say: "I was just blown away from the first time I read the post, and the book leaps out of your hands, particularly the lead characters, Balram, the poor child in a village who grows into a wealthy businessman by doing some strange stuff.

"He is so electric, vibrant, cynical, satirical.

His comments are so bizarre and witty.

You just wanted this guy into a film.

"This is my seventh feature movie; nearly everyone has discussed socioeconomic unequal or other stresses in some way; the feeling of underdogs, underclass citizens or refugees.

"I find the movie to be at home very thematically with my interest in the world.

And it's not every day that you see a film about the servant and actually take it from their viewpoint in a non-romantic way."

The White Tiger is on Netflix now.