Jessie Cave on ‘scary start’ for newborn baby who caught Covid-19

Harry Potter star Jessie Cave said it was a "fearful beginning" for her unborn child after checking for coronavirus positive.

In October Tenn was embraced by the star, better known for her role as Lavender Brown in adapting the movies of the hit books, after a «traumatic» performance left him in his neonatal unit.

Since then the baby is out of hospital and is doing fine, but the tension of the experience has now lead to a dry breast milk from her husband Covid-19.

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Cave, 33, told ITV's Lorraine, "Nothing has been scheduled that I believe can be linked to this year.

It was a very disturbing starting.

"After a very sudden, swift labor he was in the neonatal unit.

In 45 minutes, He came out, so he was a bit like, 'What's happening?

'And the neonatal unit was taken.

"Now it's 11 weeks.

When we find out, I couldn't believe it!

But I could hardly believe it, because it was such a peculiar moment for everybody, but (it was) really disturbing."

She proceeded to explain how Tenn could have contracted the virus: "All I know is the most infectious thing at all.

I was totally symptomatic, but it's bizarre.

"I did go to test it because we clearly couldn't see my mother and family at Christmas.

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A thread that JeSsIe CaVE shares (@jessiecave)

"And he was entirely all right, nothing was wrong at all.

Then almost a week later, nearly two weeks later, it turned abruptly.

"That's for newborns, you've gotta be so hyper vigilant of all signs and just trust your intuition.

"In a realizing day, he just improved a little bit, he didn't eat as much and his screaming was different, it was like another baby.

"I just went and I went to A&E.

That's what everyone has to do, I guess.

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A thread that JeSsIe CaVE shares (@jessiecave)

"They must be aware of a sudden, quick change, as if I hadn't entered it would have been a whole other story."

She said, "Everyone is understandably so terrified right now, but you have to be so fast and not be afraid to go in... just do not hesitate, go!

Cave and her husband comedian Alfie Brown are now Donnie's parents, five and Margot, three, and Brown said Brown has the virus already, too.

She said: "There is just a curious pause.

This is such a weird disease that affects people entirely differently, and so our lives are totally affected during this time.

Now, I can't picture a regular day.

"He's all right, now he's feeling a lot better.

It is absolutely bizarre because it hasn't influenced me and has affected him entirely.

We meet people who must have been hospitalised.

It truly is a lottery.

You can do it and you never imagined it."

"My brother is an A&E specialist, and my dad is a GP, who runs a coronavirus hub and is now a center of immunization.

It's incredible how much worse it is this time to listen to them.

"We all relaxed in a way because we are so used to lockdowns and limits, but I guess it's totally different to have the flu now, and time in the hospital.

"The more regard I have for how risky it is, not that I didn't do it before, but the second is that you have a personal experience, the more fearful and true it becomes.

"Everyone said to me, 'I thought babies couldn't get this,' but it does affect all.

"The other thing is that their immune system is very fragile at this infant level, that anything could have really bad repercussions.

That's why they took it so seriously, even my breast feeding was totally impacted, even two nights of routine shift.

"Due to the stress, my milk dried a little, and now I had to give it a formulation and therefore the whole of our life has changed, only two nights can affect your whole lives a little."