Colts grab tiebreaker in AFC South by beating Titans 34-17

NASHVILLE (AP) — Philip Rivers tossed a touch-down of 308 yards and Nyheim Hines netted twice against Indianapolis Colts 34-17 Thursday evening to defeat the AFC South on the Tennessee Titans head-to-head.

On 29 November, after helping trainer Frank Reich improve on 4-1 in Indianapolis, the Colts (6-3) will host the return in Indianapolis.

At Nissan Stadium, Indianapolis is now 14-5.

In terms of the least allowed yards, Indianapolis was the best safety of the NFL.

The Colts smothered an offence by Tennessee, which averaged 384.6 yards a game, 10th most in the NFL and 7th best 29 points per game.


Speed was also stopping a T.J. punt.

In the late third quarter, Carrie returned 6 yards to TD.

The Colts won Tennessee 430-294, but Henry raced for a distance of 103 meters.

The Titans (6-3) lost for the third time in four weeks, with Indianapolis, the first of four consecutive teams with positive records, going into the hardest of the season.

At halftime Tennessee led 17-13.

The Titans' special teams, Indianapolis made the best of their twice-position culminating in 27-17 advantage in the third quarter.

After Trevor Daniel had registered with the training team last weekend, Tennessee went for a third separate punter in three games.

Daniel's first place went 17 yards, with Hines scoring a 2-yard TD run four games back.

On the second, the Titans offered Daniel little assistance, and Pace quickly split the block.

Stephen Gostkowski missed a target of 44 yards on the field early in the fourth place.

Jacoby Brissette coupe the next drive with a two yard TD run at 9:21 remaining. The Colts added their way up to 34-17.

The final margin of Indianapolis was higher.

But at the close of the first half the Colts settled for a 43-yard field goal and Titans held downs to the opening drive of the third by Indianapolis.

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Rivers only took 4 meters to transfer to the fifth biggest hall in NFL history by the Hall of Famer Dan Marino.

He passed Marino in the first Colts script from Jonathan Taylor with an 11-yard throw.

Rivers' career now covers 61.666 meters.

He has started 233rd straight and is a gap from Eli Manning for the ten longest series in the history of the League.

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A day after Titan's older brother Titus, an uncommon type of cancer of the kidney, died at the age of 27, Corey Davis played wide receptor.

Wednesday after his brother passed, Davis didn't exercise.

He cried before kickoff and finished for 67 yards with five team-high catches.


Xavier Rhodes came down in Colts cornerback on Scrimmage's second play.

He quit all by himself and returned after the first quarter had concluded.

Ben Jones, Titans Center injured a knee then came around.

Rodger Saffold limped to the sideline with a hurt foot late in the second period, but he came out.

Larrell Murchison was injured by the defensive linemen.


Green Bay Colts on 22 November.

Visit Baltimore by Titans on 22 November.

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