Stephen Colbert Brutally Mocks ‘Clearly Hammered’ Donald Trump Jr.

Screenshots / CBS

Stephen Colbert almost failed to enjoy Donald Trump for releasing a seemingly intoxicated video branding volunteers "ENLY NIMBER!" and all the implications of the first presidential debate this week!

"Trump in the" Army. "Quick.

"During the interview, Trump supported his supporters by becoming a so-called 'poll watcher,' threatening other electorate," stated Late Show Host.

"And Don Jr. says, 'I support too, father!

Then Colbert played Clip of the president's older son as he looked tough and barking at his fans as he proclaimed to Trump: "We need each man and woman with their power to join the Trump Election Protection Campaign Force."

"Yes, both competent men and women, that don't involve Donald Trump Jr, since he is definitely pounded," said the host before he took off his glasses and moved too personal to the microphone.

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Colbert slurred: "The far left wants to snatch the votes, but I won't allow them.

"Because the far left is going to suffer because I was battling the shop guy because he wasn't going to put my mouth on the slushie.

And I don't know how the White Claws, man, fell down on my knee.

"Come here, sweetheart!

"He carried on.

"I want Screamy Kimmy to see you guys.

Tell, "It is always the greatest thing to come."

Tell it! State it!

That was before The New Yorker offered an account of Kimberly Guilfoyle 's true justification for ignoring Fox News.

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