Worries behind the scenes at White House after Trump COVID diagnosis

WASHINGTON ( Reuters) — Amid President Donald Trump 's diagnosis of COVID 19, White House officials tried to portray a business-like mood on Friday, but helpers privately shared their concern at presidential election and demonstrated signs of intensified coronavirus worry.

"State business moves ahead," economic strategist Larry Kudlow assured reporters that he tested positive for the coronavirus after trump revealed ahead Twitter early in the day.

In the early evening, Trump travelled by helicopter to the Walter Reed Medical Centre.

However, staff members stated he will prefer to operate in a separate room there and sit in office all day long.

Vice President Mike Pence did not pass authority.

"We just want to make sure he makes it simple because he's working hard and he'll do it," said Kayleigh McEnany on Fox, White House Press Secretary.

Trump addressed emergency declarations and the coronavirus stimulus plan with Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell; the Senate Judiciary Committee, President Lindsey Graham told McEnany.

He told reporters outside of the White House that his first concern for me was 'How is the company doing, what is the stimulus dialogue going on on Capitol Hill?'

Any Trump consultants privately concerned that the sickness of Trump could lose him a 31 day presidential election.

"It obviously shifts our dynamics and displays tremendous intensity and help in the protest, which, like in 2016, was an aspect of our estimate," said one Trump strategist.

The President delayed or relocated online the future electoral activities.

On Friday night, two in Wisconsin on Saturday and one in Arizona on Monday, he was set to host the "Making America Great once more" gathering in Florida.

On Friday, more workers at the White House saw the dangers of coronavirus more severely than usual, including press secretary McEnany, throughout the evening.

Hope Hicks and Melania Trump both screened positive for their first child. Communications advisor

In Washington others have suggested that Trump's addition to the Supreme Court on Saturday confirmed the propagation of the virus.

Apart from Trump and his mom, the Republican National Committee's Treasurer, Mr Ronna McDaniel, Mr Mike Lee and Rev. John Jenkins, President of the University of Notre Dame have all proved their coronavirus positive.

As Trump assured the nation that the coronavirus will "disappear," leaders of the White House and several republican lawmakers had avoided masking and health authorities suggested preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

On Saturday, representatives of Congress and officers from the White House mixed up inside with Barrett and stood at a function of Rose Garden without masks.

The first and most persistent wearers of the mask is the first Matt Pottinger Deputy National Security Adviser, who runs the National Security Council. Matt Pottinger.

Getting a mask at college, an individual familiar with the matter said, several workers have already seen him behind his back.

NSC employees were told to wear masks in all popular areas of the White House and, according to an internal mail on Friday, to prevent unwanted trips to the West Side.

An official confirmed Friday that the White House suggests masks and lengths but they are not necessary.

During a press clash on Friday, a writer questioned a maskless Kudlow why he didn't set a decent example for the general public.

By wearing a surgical paper mask, Kudlow replied.

Kudlow said, "Okay, are we good?"

"I've been putting on my mask."

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