Virtual London Marathon gives Ever Presents mixed feelings about 40th race

When they compete in their Sunday 40th, the ten men who have raced ever London Marathon have a distinct experience.

While the top athletes meet in central London, everybody else selects their own 26.2-mile path and uses the official app to display that the distance is complete.

This is not a party for the unique race which the Ever Presents had planned for but all of them decided to avoid.

Terry Macey has medaled in his home in BL (Yui Mok / PA) in the London Marathon, South East of London.

Terry Macey, a 72-year-old lawyer with a home and offices in the south-western city of Blackheath, said, "I look forward to it.

For 39 years we do the most, why don't we make a change?

"I agree it's an outstanding approach and a really optimistic one."

Chris Finill, 61 years old, is the youngest and quickest Ever Present.

Chris Finill, 61, of Cranleigh, Surrey was the youngest and quickest Ever Present. He completed 37 of the 39 in less than 3 hours.

He said that Sunday's run would be the same even though the neighboring Dunsfold Aerodrome, a Rutland community business and mostly used for High Gear films, is operating rather than Central London.

"Some of these marathon runnings have been combined since 1981," Mr. Finill said.

"It can be tough to identify those years, but maybe more than some years this year's marathon is going to imply that it has been performed under very challenging circumstances.

Teacher, 75, North Finchley, London. Bill O'Connor, 75.

(Lipinski / PA Dominic)

"So they made tremendous efforts in it, said Bill O'Connor, 75, who's going to travel next to his home in North finchley, north of London.

I'm pretty satisfied.

"I believe they've done the best thing," said Mr O'Connor, a Queens Park Community School teacher in north-west London.

The cycle is kept running instead of 'nothing changed this year.'

David Walker, age 75, intends to share a marathon with his brother. He intends to visit him on the finishing line near his home in the city of Chesham, Buckinghamshire, with his four grandchildren Rosie, 11, Sam, 8, Olive, 7, and Flora, three.

David Walker, 75, is planning to run in Buckinghamshire (Dominic Lipinski / PA) outside his home with four grandchildren.

Mr Walker, an independent training specialist, expects the help of Jamie, John and Hannah children and of his central management community representatives.

He said adding that his wife Lin was 'My pillar, loving me over 40 years of that.' "Getting help is also helping me move around.

Training Ken Jones close his home (Niall Carson / PA) in Strabane.

The oldest Ever Current Ken Jones, 87 years old, will end the distance with his daughter Heather and claim he's "feeling fine" across his home town of Strabane, Co Tyrone, North Ireland.

Charles "Len" Cousens, 78, a barber retired from Lowestoft, Suffolk, said he would miss the crowd during the lockout.

At home in the Lowestoft, Charles 'Len' Cousens (Joe Giddens/PA)

"There's always someone in a bar that wants a drink and I always say 'give me a target' and I've had a beer swig and run on it.

"Love it by the press."

"It would have been nice to travel around and to have all the good people who enjoy it along the way instead of traveling all by ourselves. Roger Low, 76, from Camden Town, north London, who works in part time investor relations, said.

We'll all miss it, I 'm sure.

"I 'm sure it's virtual for everyone to be dishonest.

"This is why I don't want to go out there and breathe like 40,000 people."

Mac Speake, 78 years old, is in his own house in the region of Ipswich.

"The atmosphere's very different, Dr Malcom" Mic "Speake, 78, a retired GP from Ipswich, accepted.

No adrenaline surge is going to occur.

"If you are here in London, someone still races up, then you're a couple of miles from them, figure out who they are, what they're doing and with what they are working."

Cardiff-based IT manager Jeff Aston, 73, is preparing to run 2 mile loops until the run finishes at Cardiff 's City Hospice.

Town Hospice in Cardiff (Dominic Lipinski / PA) will collect the money of Jeff Aston

His wife Val died in 2016, he earns funds for the hospice.

"Anyway I do all my preparation alone, but I introduce a little extra to my job," he said.

"My expectations are almost to it.

"In London there's going to be more help than I will, so I don't know anybody."

Mike Peace said that this year's case is going to be tough to treat as the 40. (Dominic Lipinski / PA)

However, retired headmaster Mike Peace (70), from Lustleigh, near Exeter, Devon, said that the run-around Dartmoor would be hard to accept as the 40th London marathon.

"Everybody praises them for planning a virtual marathon.

"I appreciate them but I'm struggling with that to name it London 40th.

In one list it doesn't seem like the 40th.

"I am going to consider it as a long distance training session on October 4.

I think that's going to help me love.