Trump, downplaying virus, has mocked wearing masks for months

President Donald Trump has, during the pandemic, disregarded the advice of his own health practitioners and, claiming he had more expertise, disputed the evidence – from hosting major promotions to printing an unreported substance that indicated administering bleach.

He especially scorned the wearing of masks, despite his pledge — and against the advice of health officials to wear both of them to save thousands of lives.

PHOTO: The first Presidential Debate in Case Western University and Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland on Sept. 29, 2020 will be hosted by President Donald Trump with his face mask.

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This week, he criticized Democrat candidate Joe Biden for wearing one on a nationwide debate for 73 million viewers.

BOOK: Live notifications of trump COVID-19. President has 'mild symptoms;'

"I don't wear masks like him. He's still getting a mask, any time you see him, he might talk 200 meters from him and he'll turn up in the greatest mask I've ever seen," Trump added, celebrating his outdoor events, with the huge audiences of fans, and not many masks.

PHOTO: After speaking in Duluth International Airport, Sep. 30, 2020, in Duluth Minn. (Alex Brandon / AP), President Donald Trump throwed hats at supporters.

Back on April 3, as Americans were first advised to wear face garments in public by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, modifying earlier recommendations not essential, it was Trump who released a summary for the task force briefing – but he emphasized that it was "voluntary" and that you "may not have to."

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Trump has been hesitant to use one ever since.

"I don't want to do anything — I don't want to do it — I 'm sitting somehow in the Oval Office, in behind this wonderful, resolute desktop, a fantastic face mask, I suppose — like I welcome presidents, prime ministers, rulers, kings ... I don't realize anything, yet, I don't see that for myself," Trump stated.

At the end of May, as the COVID 19 deadline reached 100,000, and meetings of the White House coronavirus task force with experts refused, Trump said that, on a visit to a Ford plants in Detroit, he carried a mask behind closed doors, yet "were no joy in the press to see."

PHOTO: President Donald Trump wears a mask this 21 May 2020, a file photo, as he talks on the Ypsilanti Ford Rawsonville Plant trip, Michelen.

It took him two or more months to make his first public visit to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland following the advice of the CDC.

"It is nice to wear a mask in a hospital, particularly when you speak to too many soldiers who have just left the operations desk in certain situations," Trump said in July, labeling him "Patriotic."

PHOTO: During his visit to the Walter Reed National Army Medical Center, Walter Reed, on Saturday July 11, 2000, President Donald Trump wears a mask on his way down the tunnel.

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When the pandemic swept across America, Trump answered concerns over the threats of his own wellbeing, but insisted that he remained uncertain about the epidemic.

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This would kick in for the 25th amendment.

The president ridiculed the notion in a May interview with Maria Bartiromo regarding the potential to assume chairman Nancy Pelosi if Trump and vice chairman Mike Pence will get sick.

"We will hold really stable our vice president and continue safe," he added.

"It would never happen."

PHOTO: On September 23, 2020 in Washington , DC, President Donald Trump will appear at the White House Brady Briefing Room Press Conference.

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He said, speaking of masks in August, "Maybe they're fantastic and perhaps they're just fine.

In a briefing on the White House last month, we questioned Trump why he would not wear a mask to set a precedent, rather than promote supporters who see masking laws as a breach of personal liberty.

He ridiculed Biden now. Now.

"Well, I 'm checking, because when I look at someone sitting because — like with Joe, I'm still caught by surprise.

In a mask, Joe feels very secure.

"There's no explanation why he's got masks on," Trump says on Sept. 16. "I don't know, maybe he won't want to show his face.

"We're being checked — I'm being studied.

I've checked individuals.

It's quite a huge deal as visitors come to the Oval Office.

Whoever they are, they are both checked whether they are Heads of Nations.

Therefore, I am very peculiar.

And maybe I would wear it more if I weren't in this place, "he added.

Photo: President Hope Hicks' counsellor and Dr Scott Atlas's Coronavirus counselor to the White House, move through the south lawn before joining the Presidential car through Washington, 12 Sept. 2020.

ABC News John Cohen said that establishing a precedent is important in the midst of a public health issue.

"By his own admission, the President minimized the pandemic 's magnitude.

"He, his team and campaign also igNed the advice on CDC and their dangerous activity not only confuses Americans — placing our cities at greater danger — but also provides contradictory messaging on the wearing of masks and other safety precautions suggested by their own specialists of public health," said Cohen, a former Home Secretary of Intelligence at the Department of Homeland Security.

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In September, a disappointed Trump begged a reporter in the White House to pull off a mask and put a question: "You're so muffled that you're not getting it out."

PHOTO: Kayleigh McEnany of the White House, third left, is waiting for others as President Donald Trump is heading for the white House, after checking the promising outcomes for COVID-19, Oct. 2, 2020, to head to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

BOOK: Live notifications of trump COVID-19. President has 'mild symptoms;'

In the afternoon of Friday afternoon, a White House spokesperson stated that masking would not happen at the White House where so many people have gone without it for months amid the presidency and its near associate, Hope Hicks.

PHOTO: President Donald Trump goes to the Walter Reed Military Medical Center before moving from the South Lawn of the White House, 2 Oct. 2020, after checking for COVID-18 favorably.

Instead, the spokesperson said it would be a personal option.

However, the bulk of workers were sporting masks on the south lawn to observe their manager leaving for Walter Reed on Friday afternoon.

The president, one with a presidential logo, was like that.