Timeline of events surrounding Margaret Ferrier’s positive coronavirus test

SNP MP Margaret Ferrier has been needed to come to this parliament, even after he was compelled to self-isolate himself with the symptoms of coronavirus.

After publicly announcing her conduct on Thursday night, she was expelled by her group, but there remain several concerns about her acts.

The PA news service here discusses the timetable of activities on the basis of various accounts:

SNP mp Margaret Ferrier apologized for her visit to London because she was meant to be self-isolating.

– 26 September on Saturday

Ms. Ferrier advised us that she had "tiny signs" of Covid-19 and she took a test in the afternoon.

When she became sick she didn't mention where she was or whether she was isolating at all.

– 28 September Monday

Rutherglen's MP and Hamilton West claimed that they "feelt a lot stronger," and then they took a subway to London's Parliament.

At 7.15 PM, during the coronavirus discussion, she gave a four-minute address in the House of Commons.

Ms. Ferrier says she got a positive test this evening for coronavirus although she did not mention whether the report was earned before or after MPs were handled.

– 29 September Tuesday

In the morning, Mrs Ferrier went on a train from London to Glasgow without taking counsel and continued to separate herself when she returned home.

– 30 September Wednesday

She notified SNP about her positive result, so Sir Lindsay Hoyle, Chairman of the Committee, was told at about 4 p.m. and legislative authorities began monitoring communications.

"In 20 minutes, we were in full swing with what we wanted to do to guarantee the protection, protection of workers and Representatives." Sir Lindsay told Sky News that it was instant.

The SNP admits that she did not realize before traveling to London she had studied it at this point.

– October 1st Thursday

Ms Ferrier informs Police Scotland about herself.

Nicola Sturgeon, the head of the SNP, said in the Scottish Parliament she heard that Mrs Ferrier's behavior stopped at about 1335 'shortly after the first minister's questions.'

She also confirms that SNP Westminster chief Ian Blackford, appearing in the Scottish Government's Coronavirus briefing on Friday afternoon during a ride to Inverness, has spoken with Ms Ferrier.

The party claimed it was understood at that stage that she had checked and returned to Scotland believing that she was tainted before heading to the Parliament.

At 1750 Ms. Ferrier issued a letter claiming that she was "really sorry for my error" and that she should have segregated herself whilst waiting for her test result.

Mr Blackford reported on Thursday evening that the SNP had removed Ferrier 's whip with a common demand for her to resign as a parliamentarian.

In a Twitter statement, a near link was noticed and demanded from the press office of the House Of Commons to isolate Ms Ferrier.

October Friday, 2nd

Both Ms Sturgeon and Mr Blackford asked for the dismissal of Ms Ferrier.

During a telephone call to Ms Ferrier, Ms Sturgeon said that her "boss and colleague" will be standing "crystal simple."

She added that Ms Ferrier did not give her behavior a "cogent reason."

Mr. Blackford claimed that Ms. Ferrier 's role as MP is unsustainable after the 'severe misjudgement.'

The House of Commons has reported that after communication with Mrs. Ferrier the person requested to self isolate himself has checked the coronavirus adversely.

DUP MP Jim Shannon is self-insulating after Wednesday his party said that he had been told of near communication with Ms Ferrier on Monday night with a coronavirus case that day.