Tamal Ray's recipe for chocolate meringue sandwich cookies

One of the silver lock linings has uncovered all the secret little restaurants in our local area.

A bakery that sells the most unbelievable sandwich cookies is the first listed in the collection of new finds: toffee-brown biscuits packed with sandwiches.

They are accustomed to sell it out early so I wanted to repair it at home.

When we get back into a lockdown, we at least have sandwich treats for us to be grateful.

Meringual cookies including cocoa

You should heat the mixture with a microwave and whisk until the chocolate has melted, heating it up for 30 seconds at once.

Prepare for 20 minutes.

1 hour of chill

Cook for 25 minutes

It's thirty

200 g of unsalted, room temperature warm butter

Soft brown sugar of 100 g

Sugar 130 g rubber

Two yolks of medium egg

(Use the meringue whites)

200 g of flat meal

, Seventeen

21⁄2 tbsp powder of cocoa;

Powder 1 tsp bakery

Table salt in 4 pinches

To fill the meringue

2 egg whites medium

180 g sugar caster

Sirup of 20 g gold.

100ml 100ml

Warm. Warm.

For the fox

Twin ice 100ml

Dark chocolate 100 g

breached into bits

To fix sweets, apply pale and soft butter and sugar to the electric beater.

Then apply the rice, chocolate, baked powder and salt in the yolks.

Divide the mixture into 60 balls of grape and space it over the trays. Line three oven trays with grease proof sheets.

Fry the refrigerator for an hour, then bake for 10 minutes in an oven heated to 190C (180C fan)/390F / gas 6.

Heat the chocolate with low heat in a bowl and whisk until the chocolate is all melted.

Let it cool off for a couple minutes and scatter half the cookies over the underside.

In a shallow saucepan, apply the sugar, container and water to the meringue and mix until the sugar dissolves over low heat.

Switch up the heat to boil the syrup, until it has fully melted, then cook until the sugar thermometer hits 130 C.

Before the syrup grows, use an electric whisk to whip the egg whites to soft peaks.

Add the white syrup a little at a time and whisk before the whole sirops are applied, and the meringue is glistening and creamy.

If the meringue is nice enough to manage it, scatter the meringue over the body of the uncoated cookies using a 1-cm-nozzle (or a pair of teaspoons if you don't care about its neatness) so that the meringue is scatter, sandwiched together and tucked in.