Radish seeds, meats and cheeses launched to space station

CAPE CANAVERAL, FL. (AP)—On Friday, a freight space station spacecraft rocks to orbit with a 360-degree spacewalking monitor, rising radish plants, and a fancy meat and cheese smorgasbord for dinner.

At least where skies are dark, Northrop Grumman fired the capsule from the coast of Virginia on to the International Space Station, giving an evening surprise to viewers in the Carolina to New England.

The NASA space station program manager Kenny Todd said "This was a magnificent launch."

"For a couple of minutes making the artificial dawn is so amazing."

The shipment is scheduled to hit the space station on Monday for 8000 pounds (3 600 kilos).

Scrambled in the capsule of the Cygnus: pressure tanks for the intent of offsetting vexing leakage at space stations, a modern, women's custom titanium toilet for $23 million, and a virtual reality camera for recording walks and outdoor screens.

More fresh food than normal is accessible since on Oct. 31 SpaceX 's second astronaut launch would enable the population of space stations to grow from six to seven.

Among the astronauts' delicacies: proscutto, Genoa salami, Gouda smoked, Provolone, brie, tomatoes of plum, oranges and pecan and chocolate cranberries for thanksgiving in excess of period.

Astronauts would also have the ability to take advantage of their own crop.

In a month, researchers expect 40 radiation plants from seeds to grow.

While increasing radius in orbit might sound insignificant, "It is also a change from fundamental plant biology in the space to a production method," said Karl Hasenstein, the biology professor at Lafayette University of Louisiana who performs this experiment. This may help moon and Mars explorers.

In a few years, bigger plants such as peppers and tomatoes can be introduced to astronauts' diets.

In the meantime, NASA 's latest toilet will be checked on the orbital remote station in a few years ' time before joining moon explorers.

It will already connect two bigger, ancient Russian-built products.

The current one is built to best serve women whose involvement in space travel is projected to grow.

The SS Kalpana Chawla, in reality, is named after the first Indian-born woman in space.

In the 2003 Columbia Crash shuttle, Chawla was one of seven astronauts assassinated.

A little late is the arrival.

Wallops Island's poor weather contributed to a pause of two days earlier this week, software glitches on Thursday prompted a last-minute termination of Northrop Grumman's Antares cocket.

About a half hour late Friday night, the other shipper of NASA, SpaceX, attempted to launch the Cape Canaveral, Florida GPS satellite in the new United States.

Energy Power.-Air Force.

However, the countdown was stopped by the two-second limit.

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