Johnson urges EU to be ‘common-sensical’ as post-Brexit trade deal within grasp

Boris Johnson advised the EU to be "common-sensitive" and concentrated on the prospect of a commercial agreement post-Brexit.

The President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen will take stock of progress at the final preparation phase of structured negotiations in Brussels on Saturday. The Council will take stock of progress in a call.

In advance, Mr Johnson stated that there was "every potential" of an understanding, and Mrs von der Leyen told us that it was about time that the talks were "intensified."

In talks with Ursula von der Leyen (Stefan Rousseau / PA), Boris Johnson makes an inventory of growth.

In a last drive for a settlement, the news of the video conference between the two leaders speculated that they might initiate a last set of vigorous negotiations – called the 'tunnel.'

Mr Johnson also assured BBC Midlands "there has been every possibility to strike an agreement" during a series of regional broadcast interviews by stating, "It is up to our friends and allies to be responsive to the entire matter."

Speaking with BBC Northern Ireland, he said, "They have made a kind of agreement with Canada that we like.

We've come too near, 45 years of membership.

Everything's there, it's up to them.

Speaking in the Belgian capital at a news conference, Mrs von der Leyen said she felt a compromise was still feasible, but cautioned of the end of the day.

It said that if a deal were to be achieved before the close of the Brexit transitional phase at the close of the year, "extremely challenging problems," like fisheries and State aid laws, would also be discussed.

"The offer is fine – just at no expense," she said.

"In many, many different ways we have made improvements, but of course the most challenging are still entirely accessible.

"There is, therefore, a way to strengthen the talks where there's a desire, so I agree that it's worth hard work on them.

"It's only 100 days before the end of the year, but we need to move up now."