Canada reintroduces bill to ban LGBT+ conversion therapy

The Liberal Party of Canada has retabled a Parliament bill that criminalizes nation LGBT+ conversion therapy if enacted.

Conversion Therapy with LGBT+ is described as any activity which, according to Reuter, is intended to repress or minimize non-heterosexual sexual orientation, sexual desire or behaviors in an individual.

When successful, the bill would be a crime to compel someone against his or her consent to attend conversion therapy, or to affect a child.

The law often includes a criminal crime to use the procedure that is not relevant to specific opinions held by persons requesting gender or sexual orientation assistance and advice.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, leader of the Liberal Party, said in his remarks to reporters on Thursday: "The conversion program is dangerous, immoral and meaningless in Canada .... I think all the parties can do the correct thing to support this law."

Minister of Diversity Bardish Chagger, who delivered the bill on Thursday in the House of Commons said that the announcement at the latest Legislative Session, just days after the summit, sends a clear message to CBC.

"We concentrate on supporting and securing LGBTQ Rights on this side of the Building," Chagger said.

The bill was originally initiated in March, but the initiative collapsed in August when the coronavirus pandemic took the Parliament to a standstill.

In March, the New Demoractic Group (NDP) supported the bill and requested that it back the law on Thursday.

Speaking in the House of Representatives, NDP delegate Randall Garrison said: "It is difficult to try to alter a person's sexual preference or gender identification, and these actions bring a lot of damage to others who are or still have a disdain from families, peers and their Culture."

In 2015, Ontario becomes the first Canadian province to outlaw conversion therapy, and procedure in Vancouver and Calgary has also been banned.

In a variety of US jurisdictions, including NewYork, Washington and California, LGBT+ conversion counseling has also been outlawed.

No deadline for voting on the law has yet been established.

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