'Worried we might lose him' - UK minister on PM's bout with coronavirus this year

LONDON (Reuters) – Foreign Minister of the UK Dominic Raab shared worry about Boris Johnson 's existence when he got a COVID-19 hospital in April.

For about a month when the prime minister rested, Rab filled in for Johnson.

Johnson first contracted from the coronavirus towards the end of March and wound up at one stage in intensive care.

"I was so worried that we would miss him," Raab told the Times in his late Saturday meeting, "and I was worried about Carrie, pregnant with baby Wilf."

Carrie Symonds, Johnson's fiancée, was pregnant at the time with her son.

Posts from Raab are arriving hours after the United States.

Following a positive virus test, President Donald Trump was admitted to a military hospital in Washington.

For the next two days Trump will be operating in a separate room at the facility, a precautionary step dubbed the White House.

A month earlier, Raab told the newspaper of his U.S. presidential election that he has never seen Trump's White House democratic opponent, Joe Biden 's old Vice President or Biden's senior staff.

However, he said that he had excellent ties with the Capitol Hill Senior Democrats and that the election outcomes will impact Great Britain / US.

The Times mentioned ties. Ties.

"The depth of the relationship between the United Kingdom and the United States. I think the result in November is quite formed," he told the article.

(Sarah Young's report; Frances Kerry's editing)