'Covid-19 in the White House' – what the papers say after Trump's positive test

Some British papers handle the major news with a very straight bat. But, some refer to the absurdity of Donald Trump having regularly tested positive for coronavirus.

I place at the middle of the front page one of the president's endless messages.

The description is "Covid-19 in the White House" and the February tweet says: "Covid-19 in the United States is highly under surveillance."

"So often did Trump jeopardize the Early Edition of the Mail?

"The white house was telling 'rejected to escape' after the president attended a gala amid the fact that an assistant had proven optimistic.

However, this sound was drastically softened in a new version to be "Medical Virus Reached Trump," with the emphasis on the care the chairman is being offered.

"US elections turmoil as the Trump injured Covid-19" states on our Guardians front page.

In the third version the chairman is sporting a mask when visiting the White House.

The language of the FT is the same: "The positive Trump coronavirus test triggers a turbulence in US elections."

The presses of the Times even needed a late edition change of plate.

The first splash about the Oxford initiative was "Hopes to raise for vaccine."

The paper immediately turned to "Trump flown to the hospital" after word reported that the President was hospitalized.

An update even for the telegram that began print running with "Trump to continue on the job" but ended with "Trump took to hospital."

The BBC's Allie Hodgkins Brown credits with placing the revised copies on Twitter (the newspapers appeared just to retweet their very first editions).

Boris Johnson revisited a line going back to the referendum and released "PM: Millions in Brexit have been opened up for new hospitals." The Express reveals what might sound like a strange decision to make today.

The Mirror casts its eyes on a lead with the story "Wag war shock ... Colleen: my facts."

Yet the last version places the world's major news in a puff / skybox claiming "Trump took with Covid to hospital."

Initially, the Sun kissed with Meghan and Harry, practicing the past of the day as Trump's Covid 's disease "mild" ... And the Sun changed it around.

The front page of the Sun 1st edition, Saturday , October 3, 2020

... Outside "Prez Covid crisis – Trump went to hospital," the outrage was reduced to "Betrayal of Megxit"

Saturday, 3 October 2020, Sun's 2nd edition.