Airport testing announcement to be made 'in coming days', says Treasury minister

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"In the days ahead," a Treasury Minister said at the first big moment of today's meeting, the Government would make an announcement concerning airport monitoring.

Heathrow manager John Holland-Kaye Aeroport Engineering was informed by Steve Barclay, Chief Secretary of the treasury, "a priority" adding the news of "In coming days" by Grant Shapps, Transport Minister, and Matt Hancock, Health Secretary.

The aviation industry has called for the implementation of airport checking for a long time to minimize quarantined time spent by persons in one of the various counties on the 'red list' since arrival in the UK.

According to the new constraints declared this week, on October 3 travelers returning from Poland, Turkey and Bonaire, St Eustatius and Saba would have to self-isolate themselves.

This morning Mr Barclay said that "we completely hear the sector" is a "really live" concern inside government departments like his own and the Transport Department.

For officials, it is a "primary concern."

Mr. Barclay did not provide any information regarding the proposals, but he indicated a two-way strategy, stating that business travelers would be in search of various visitors.

"The broader testing issue requires a variety of challenges," he added.

"In the Treasury as well as in the government we are acutely conscious that it is a big problem, and I trust that the government will be able to tell us in the next few days."