Nadia Sawalha reveals neck burns after scalding herself with boiling honey

Talking in a YouTube video clip, Sawalha explained she got on a campers vacation by the sea with her elderly moms and dads when she put a plastic pot of honey in the microwave however got sidetracked by windsurfers so left it in for also long.

Flaunting the marks the burns have left on her skin on Instagram, she wrote: "This actually has been the week from heck! I'm calling this my IDIOT INJURY! What a PLONKER I am!!".

" And I'm screaming however every person is sleeps so I'm (shrieking silently) as well as I rip my top off since the honey is there and I'm concerned I'm going to melt, I've got some burns below.

She included: "I did this on Tuesday as well as the blistering (pics to gruesome to reveal you!) has actually been regrettable to place anything on it. I believe I must begin making use of something ASAP.".

" When you walked in the caravan it smelled like Winnie the Pooh's house."

" Then the punishment for being a complete moron, what was it? How much of my vacation do you assume I spent attempting to tidy honey?

Nadia Sawalha has claimed she was shrieking in pain after melting her neck with steaming hot honey.

" I had to keep an ice pack on there for about 4 hrs, the pain was excruciating.

" It's steaming so I run over to the sink and I stick my head under the sink.

She claimed: "The honey leaps out the pot as well as sprays around the ceiling, all over the side, throughout the floor, all over the cupboards and also sprinkles up my neck.

Revealing off the marks the burns have actually left on her skin on Instagram, she created: "This actually has actually been the week from heck! I'm calling this my IDIOT INJURY! I assume I need to begin using something ASAP.".

The Loose Women star said the crash left her with significant sores on her skin.