FTSE slides after Trump tests positive for Covid-19 – live updates

Positive Covid evaluation Donald Trump

Operates FTSE 100 1pc lower

Future US stock decline

Ben Marlow: Ministers have to react to Rolls-Royce 's decline

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Testing of Hub Markets

AM 07:21

Offers FTSE 100 1pc down

After reports that President Donald Trump had checked for Covid-10, European stocks plummeted, reaching financial markets world-wide.

The FTSE 100 is down to 1pc, the CAC 40 is down to 1.3 pc in German and French.

AM 06:47

Rise in dollars and yen

In a month after Donald Trump, he checked favorably for Covid-19, the dollar improved, with a safe harbour yen seeing the highest leap.

With the Australian Dollar growing about 0.6 pcs and the yen flowing ahead of time, it rose half a percentage point in the dollar to 104.95 for a week and more than 1 pc in the Australian.

The euro fell to 1,1725 pounds.

The futures of goods and US stock also dropped.

The Australian dollar fell to 0.7141 dollar last, while the kiwi declined to 0.5 dollar to 0.6629 dollar.

The dollar grew from 0.1pc to 93.824 in the face of a group of six primary currencies.

The pound was 0.2874 pounds weaker than the yuan.

At €1,0974, the euro was unchanged.

AM 06:32

Positive trump checks

When you wake up to the tv, it was a few hours earlier how it unfolded:

He and his wife Melania have attempted coronavirus in a constructive manner donald Trump has announced.

Mr Trump's top advisor screened for coronavirus positive and displayed indications-the US President and his wife were advised to quarantine because of the test findings.

Hope Hicks flew to the presidential debate on Tuesday and to Minnesota for a political rally on Wednesday with Mr Trump on Air Force One, and also with other senior assistants.

"Hope Hicks has just screened for Covid-20 positive, and he's been working too intensely without really getting a brief rest. Awful! The First Lady, along with me, are looking forward to our test results.

"I'm investing a lot of time with Optimism and that's what the First Lady is doing.

He tweeted two hours later: "Tonight we testeed favorably at Covid-19 by @FLOTUS and I. We're beginning our quarantine and recovery process right away.

AM 06:30

Get ready for a flourishing day

Good morning.-Good morning.

After President Donald Trump claimed he and his wife have been screened positive for the coronavirus, weeks before the U.S. polls, it is likely to plunge and the US stock market outlook has plunged.

Five stuff to begin your day

1. Rivals Ocado against robot technologies. A Norwegian corporation accused Ocado of supplying advanced distribution services to big supermarkets of breaching its intellectual property.

2) HSBC scales down new applications for rebound loans owing to wide demand In the face of the difficulty of fulfilling demand, HSBC has taken up the downside on pandemic lending.

The British Independent Retailers Association warned of the possibility that, because of low footprints and low profits, multiple positions in this business were not feasible.

4) Dedicating and recruiting more, the chief economist at the Bank of England says enterprises can improve employment and spending in order to raise their own and the broader economy opportunities, Andy Haldane advised.

5) The 'supreme Court' for Facebook rollout is impossible to take place three months after the reform of US elections rulings by the 'supreme court.' Facebook'

What has happened this day?

U.S. inventory futures and the dollar of Australia dropped on Friday after a coronavirus examination checked by President Donald Trump and his wife.

The news, just weeks before the fiercely challenged presidential election, created questions about the re-election possibilities and Mr Trump's role on China, where the pandemic originated.

The S&P 500's futures plummeted after the news in Asian exchange, following earlier declines, while risk barometers like the Australian dollar and Treasury yields decreased.

The Nikkei 225 index was down about 0.67pc or 155.22 to 23,029.90.

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