Billionaire brothers buy Asda in £6.8bn deal

Asda was sold for the first time in more than 20 years to the multimillionaire brother Issa and investment company TDR Capital.

Walmart, the third biggest retail chain in the United Kingdom after 1999, holds minority interest in the £6.8 billion transaction.

The agreement will add a "fresh creative flourish" to Asda, together with the UK retail business Judith McKenna, president of Walmart's Foreign Entreprise.

The declaration follows the surprising appointment of Monday's Mohsin and Zuber Issa, the owners of the oil business EG Group and the UK private equity fund as favored bidders.

The Issa brothers have said that their experience with the EG Community would help accelerate Asda 's progress, including comfort.

"We look forward to supporting Asda to develop a distinct company following a fruitful time inside the Walmart company, and will continue to provide customers with excellent service in UK communities," they said.

Weeks preceded by deals with bidders including Apollo General Management and Lone Star, major American investment companies.

The management leadership at Asda, headed by CEO Roger Burnley, will remain in position.

The new investors have vowed to spend 1 billion £in the foodstuff in the next three years to improve the firm and its supply chain and raising costs.

As Apollo dismissed America's competitor, Lone Star, which fell last week, the Issas, whose involvement was first recorded by The Telegraph in February.

Over the last years EG Company has become one of the world's biggest outlets and convenience store retailers and embarked on a worldwide expansion with the opening of the first tanker in 2001 in Bury, Lancs.

TDR assets include Stonegate, United Kingdom's biggest pub company, BCA Marketplace owner and We Purchase Every Car and Issas' EG Party.

Walmart's Asda results

Since Asda 's failed £10bn partnership with Sainsbury, the transaction would be completed as a consolation to Walmart.

The regulators of contests thwarted this offer by the blows of boss Mike Coupe of Sainsbury who, when the offer was first revealed, was swept up in the singing, "We're in the money."