Universal credit payments will not be cut next spring, cabinet minister hints

One cabinet minister indicated that after the government has been alerted that funding threats would plunge half a million people into extreme poverty, a temporary boost in universal loans may be expanded.

Although the UK still is dealing with the pandemic of coronavirus, Theresa Coffey, the Employment and Pension Secretary says she needs an overhead roof.

She informed parliamentarians that the incremental £20 a week for universal credit applications will be done in April.

Yet she said, "a lot of this issue is already being vigorously debated with the Treasury, on what we still do for welfare assistance."

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has been alerted by a coalition of more than 50 organizations that the temporary rise would not continue

Severe poverty is 50% below the poverty level. Severe poverty

According to the collective calculations, about 700,000 citizens are now being forced into poverty.

Mrs Coffey commented that it would be a folly to slash benefits before the height of a global pandemic, citing the pressure from Stephen Timms, Member of the Common Jobs and Pension Select committee.

The ministers of the UK reported in April that the universal basic credit allowance will be raised by £ 20 a week as the coronavirus outbreak strikes.

However, analysts caution that UK healthcare is one of the lowest welfare benefits in any affluent nation.

Study by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation that arranged the Chancellor 's letter indicates a 16 million deficit of £1,040 each year in households.

MPs were also informed that 105,000 demands for universal credit were made in one day earlier this year.