Twitter temporarily suspends Hungarian government's account

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — The Government of Hungary claims it has removed briefly its official Twitter account and then reinstated it without any clarification.

Government Speaker Zoltan Kovacs claimed in a Facebook post Wednesday that, on the condition of the government's @abouthungary accounts, "We've taken appropriate measures and we await an official clarification from Twitter."

The following note appeared on its screen when the account was suspended: "Twitter suspends accounts that break Twitter laws."

Kovacs, who also campaigns in foreign media for Prime Minister Viktor ORBAN's anti-migration initiatives and his 'ilberal democracy,' said "it seems like the gorgeous modern age has come to silence technology giants that have views distinct from loopy leftists."

Kovacs also noticed that the suspension of the account happened on the same day that a study on state on democracy and rule of law on the state of law was issued by the European Commission's executive branch in the 27 EU countries.

Also, @RMXnews was removed with the même note by another Twitter user, which belonged to a government-supported media release and has yet to be reinstated.