The Crown will depict the Queen and Margaret Thatcher as 'twins who are not the same', says creator

The latest season of the hits of Netflix is presented by Crown producer Peter Morgan as "twins" with significant parallels.

The writer stated that, considering their contrasting beliefs, the writer was shocked by how much the two people had in common.

Gillian Anderson will be the longtime Tory Pride Minister in the fourth series beginning in November, while Olivia Colman will be the Queen again.

"It was an immense breakthrough for me when I learned that they were born just six months apart.

It's like twins that aren't alike, "Morgan said.

He added: "Both of them are very robust, very dedicated , hard working, exceptional sensation of service.

Both of them are genuinely dedicated to the region.

"We also such a deep interest in Christianity.

They are all girls of the war generation and as they exit a room they switch off the screen.

But then the thoughts for operating the government were so new.

The partnership of the pair was not as costly as sometimes described.

The queen thought her prime Minister was unfairly served after she was pushed out of Downing Street in the 90s by her own ministers, bringing the Monarch to a horse racing conference as a show of good will.

The Queen Mother, though, who died in 2002 was a lot more centrist than her daughter admirer of Thatcher's conservatist politics.

The fourth year of the Reign was in the late ' 70s, with Thatcher bringing the nation into the Falklands war and the Queen seeking to secure the succession line by seeking Prince Charles a girlfriend.

On the 15th of November the Crown will be on Netflix.

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