Parrots separated at Lincolnshire zoo after learning to swear

Following learning to swear in a Zoo in Lincolnshire five foggy parrots have been split.

The parrots, dubbed Billy, Eric, Tyson, Jade and Elsie, entered the 200-gray parrot colony in August at Lincolnshire Wildlife Centre.

"We've seen it very fast; we're very familiar with the swearing of parrots, but we've never seen five of them at the same time," said Steve Nichols, PA 's CEO of the wildlife park.

"Some parrots call out, but these five do it for whatever excuse."

Since then, parrots have been scattered over numerous parks so that they are not "settling back."

(The Nature Centre of Lincolnshire)

Mr. Nichols clarified that no one had protested about the parrots, so for the benefit of the young tourists they were divided in the expectation that the other African grey parrots would get the normal calls.

"Those are there, we don't have to whine," He told PA. "They think it's incredibly humorous.

"It amuses people very much when a parrot orders you to f * * * off.

"That was a very difficult year with a wide grin."

The Park still houses parrot Chico. After learning to sing a variety of pop songs in September, he made headlines, like "If I Was Kid, Beyonce."