Mariah Carey’s Shocking New Allegations of Coercive Control and Racism Against Ex-Husband Tommy Mottola

When Tommy Mottola, the strong US music executive, valued at $450million in net worth, believed he was in a gritty awakening by being precautionarily diplomatic with his former wife Mariah Carey, before her book had been released.

In Carey, the bombshell recently released autobiography, Mottola appears as the first bad guy in which she devotes centuries of pages to the thorough accounting of how Mottola, her senior 21 years old, kept her prisoner and maintained stunning influence over every area of her life.

In a comment on page six, before Mariah Carey 's launch of The Meaning: "I 'm sincerely pleased to have played this part in Mariah's well-deserved and impressive success and I just want her and his family to do her utmost." Modula, who was for the time being recognised as a husband in charge, seemed to be seeking to move past this tale.

But the disastrous painting Carey paints in her latest book about Mottola, the then boss of Sony she met at the age of 18 and he was 39, supposedly imposed on her, would possibly sweep away the cautious good wishes.

Although Carey acknowledges he was a genius businessman and promoter and gives him a boost for convincing him to make a Christmas song, contributing to the multimillion-selling All I Want for Christma is you, a relentless wave of charge against Mottola is wiping out the remaining appeals.

Among the most alarming of all are claims that, through his video devices, he tracked her every phase in her house, wouldn't let her go without his express approval, hired monitoring agents and, in the company in two friends, he threateningly rubbed a butter knife along the cheek and the neck of two friends.

In comparison, at a variety of times, Mottola was accused of racialism by writing, for instance, "After Tommy signed me up, he tried to wash off myself the 'urban?'... Just like he did for my appearance, he smoothed out Sony's songs, attempting to make them more common, more 'normal,' more vague.

I thought he still tried to turn me into something he understood — a commercial performer.

The white man Mottola is in a rage as Carey laud Sean Combs in another episode mentioned in the novel.

Carey said this is 'one of the first occasions I have standing up for Tommy, informing him what he meant was flabbly racist'. "Mottola said:" Puffy will be sparkling my shoes in two years.

Mottola was then reported to have went to what Carey called "Tommy tantrum," and to have "vibrated with fury, pounded his fist on the table and declared," Thanksgiving is cantoned I just want everyone to remember!

"If Tommy was not shamed at it, he definitely did not want to encourage him." She also says: "Tommy never chose to speak about my biraceous personality.

She says, "I knew that protection was important, so why was it important for them to be both blond, blue-eyed and black-crackled? As she explains how the couple's house was packed of armed guards she suspects of spying Mottola.

She claims that the house has movie-sensitive cameras inside and out and states that she is hidden in her wardrobe for a private chat.

After a High Security Jail in New York City, she refers to the house as "Music Music."

"The workers had been completely armed, surveillance cameras in most rooms had been mounted, and Tommy had power," she says.

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She writes about the partnership to Mottola in one section: 'There's no word, it's clearly they've got trapped from my intestine, or they're vanishing into my anxiety's thickness. He rolls like a blaze over me... I was walking on eggshells earlier together.

It was then a bed of nails, accompanied by a minefield.

I never knew how or when he might blast, and there was unfailing terror.

Carey claims she couldn't speak about anyone "who didn't have hold over Tommy."

She claims she needs to sneak for a snack downstairs or stay at the table composing some songs.

But any time I start relaxing in the silent darkness and start losing my breath — Beeep!

Beep! Beep! Beep!

There is an intercom.

And the words "What doin', I will get up?

"The speaker was going to crackle."

Carey states, "I was being watched wherever I went — minute by minute, day by day, year by year .... I lived my dream, but I couldn't leave my home.

I was kept in this partnership alone and stuck.

The goal is to tear away the dignity of the prisoner and to destroy every sense of self-worth and to eliminate the recollection of a person's own identity. "The captivity and power come in many ways.

Carey claims that for the first moment she recognized the intensity and force of Mottola as a means to shield Mottola from her own abusive family and thinks, "Thou art the most creative girl I ever knew" and "You can be as tall as Michael Jackson," in her early days of partnership.

As it erupted into a rage after heading to Burger King with a female abuser, without authorization, Carey said she knew she had to abandon Mottola.

In another disclosure, she reveals that in a building linked by a private passage to the coach 'S home, she recruiting her acting mentor (ironically selected by Mottola) to help her carve out a safe room, secretly renting a property under a false name.

However, towards the close of the union, maybe the most worrying moment came: "Tommy crossed into the house and picked up the butter knife.

He moved my right cheek to the wide side of it.

All the muscles squeezed in my mind.

My whole body was locked; my lungs were rigid.

The knife was carried by Tommy.

His boys stared at it and said no word.

Slowly he dragged the small, smooth metal strip down my burning arm, after what seemed ages.

I was angry at his frightened, cowardly appearances in my kitchen, in front of my 'fellows,' his new demonstration in Sing Sing with me, as a captive audience."

Carey mentions a 1996 Vanity Fair article that "listed some of its antiquities, but entirely explained my demands for its maniac tracking and regulation."

In his 2013 memoir Mottola agreed that she was "obsessive," but she claimed that her relationship was"hard "and" untrue.

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