Priti Patel explored sending asylum seekers to a remote island – is there no limit to her apparent inhumanity?

Less than a week after the slander of the Traveller Group, Tory home secretary Priti Patel came to the fore when another leading indication of her obvious xenophobia has been seen as "illegal and abusive."

It became clear that Patel requested the UK home office to determine the possibility of asylum seekers deporting to Ascension Island volcanic desolation – a region so bland as Patel 's seemingly dried spirit.

Patel requested them also to explore the possibility of creating a center for refuge on the island St Helena – the exile of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Does this have Patel placed her own parents on a remote island when they arrived in the UK from Gujurat via Uganda?

Is Patel's evident inhumanity unlimited?

Sasha Símić

London: London

Hard task.

Is the interviewer of the presidential Trump-Biden dialogue the difficult role in the world now or can it be debacle??

In view of the immoderation of the new president, Moderator Chris Wallace considers his job incredibly challenging.

Regulation, please argue, not the guy.

Fitzgerald's Dennis

Australia, Melbourne

Shake-up in curriculum

Yes, Boris, the major upheaval after 18 was in reality the Open University and polytechnics founded by the Labor government!

The polytechnics have been cut off by John Major (Conservative).

The large Jennie Lee, the great Michael Young, and the Harold Wilson, he helped trash the machine.

I had no idea what to do about it as I was researching in Leeds Polytechnic – I weren't from Orwellian Alpha, Beta, Gamma, a family who should know just about their place of operation and what they're going to step into from birth. I wasn't.

However, my degree helped me in some fascinating jobs and I used the skills I gained throughout my study.

Oh and after that, I studied for an MBA at Open University. It did not raise a ton of funds for me, but it provided me a lot of knowledge that I use even in retirement.

Williams Glynne

London, Walthamstow

Large landmark

The devastating landmark of 1 million global deaths from the coronavirus scourge has contributed to a worldwide very sad day.

It calls for introspection, but we can surely not lose sight of this pandemic in the present World War.

Unfortunately, alarms and signals on a pandemic, but to a much lesser degree, have been enough in the past.

From 2003 to 2014, the sequencing of the 21 st century 's global challenges against Sars, H5N1, H1N1, Mers, H7N9 and Ebola was a series of warning flags for the international community and rich nations to pioneer a pandemic onslaught and is of severe significance in view of globalisation.

The collusion of the world opened the way for Covid-19 to devastate the world, leaving no exceptions. Developing nations were severely pummeled and could not rein down the outbreak, now one million fatalities, with over 200,000 deaths in America alone, and more than 40,000 deaths in the UK, all at a staggaring pace.

Since the coronavirus vaccine is at the latest stages of study, leading researchers countries have their own timetable and in this study and production of the vaccine itself, there is no standardized or unified front.

I hope that we will soon have a good global vaccine rollout that will avoid the spread of the virus and, above all, the lessons we have learnt will encourage the international community to establish a preemptive strategy that will allow those viruses to be cleaned in the bud before they become pandemic in future.

M Karnik Atul

New York, Woodside, USA

Sage of the Cross Group

This exceptional apology from the PM (surely unique?) illustrates Keir Starmer 's urgent need to remove his no policy and to seek participation in sages and agree on the creation of Covid-19 policy restraint and relaxation laws.

Today, the "kneejerk" and the "Russian Roulette" are a thing of the past, as well as late announcements.

Boris Johnson has stated that "cross-party encouragement" has been given to his miserable management of the pandemic.

Dougall's Eddie

St Edmunds' Bury, Suffolk

LM Marathon

The announcement on Sunday that our charities are experiencing a disastrous financial effect is quite important.

Fundraising activities for mass engagement were scrapped, work were advertised and the crucial lines for the help of disadvantaged persons in desperate need were limited to none.

The late 40th London Marathon will take place on 4 October, although only the top runners will take part in the St James's Park loop.

The other runners will take advantage of the famous charity fund-raising initiative in approximately thousands of places around the world, giving us a special chance to support our communities in their financially difficult times.

However, the case won't be as it was before.

To establish a dedicated 26,2 mile highway, our own emergency equipment will be carried and roads would need to be shared with other people.

This time there would be no screaming crowds, no theater, no spinning brass bands, no punching percussions or dance DJs.

There will be medals, but organisations will gain a significant economic boost to allow the society's most needy to afford to fund them.

My central charity is opposed by disabilities charity.

In the past it has not been shielded from the same financial effect from the winners of the David Cameron "Large Community" prize.

Without public contributions, we can not collect this capital.

It's a separate issue if we'll have to.

Help us minimize the impacts on our organisations.

Join your various fundraisers on Sunday, but please consider us over socially.

Baty Ann

Supplied address

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