Trump's COVID-19 bombshell puts US election in uncharted territory

This year, Donald Trump plummeted the white House race into turmoil in a 1 am shock message.

First of all, after the commander-in - chief announcement that he has contracted a COVID-19, Americans would like to know that the nation is running secure.

Live reports on US, UK and foreign coronaviruses

Yet concerns on what it takes to receive an extra four years in the White House-he claimed he was "going fine"-are difficult to answer.

Is Trump still appropriate, even via post, for his quarantine bunker, to pursue his campaign?

Otherwise, will Joe Biden have politely halted his campaign?

What are the other two discussions?

There will be a variety of very important debates regarding it.

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American strategy is in less than one month from the polls and the pandemic and months of civil turmoil are now shaking.

One issue is inevitable: how relevant is Trump's own effective measure for voting as his own and others' flaws have been widely diminished for several months?

Do those thousands of citizens who have taken part in his latest rallys, often escape masks and dismissing alerts about the virus danger now thinking the leadership has failed?

Few will like to guess what occurs in the coming days, in a very volatile year, with a very volatile sitting president.

The first conversation between Mr Trump and Mr Biden angered and appalled many Americans at the condition of the campaign to guide them for the next four years.

But if it was alarming, the overnight news has sent a wave of shock throughout the world, among the lovers of Donald Trump.

Michael Beschloss, a presidential historian, posted, "history comes before our eyes."

This is not the sort of historical moment America required in these turbulent days.