Totem Automobili Alfa Romeo GT electric can finally roll

Electric Totem GT

He would have said it if it'd been finished by Michelangelo: "Parla!

"That's going to be.

When David was done by Michelangelo, he was so thrilled by the statue he told it: "Parla!

"He tried to speak David in English.

Every visit to Florence's Galleria dell'Accademia would send you the sensation.

After seeing the above-mentioned footage, Michelangelo may have ordered this car masterpiece to talk with the Totem Automobil Alfa Romeo GT Electric.

The GT Electric is finally a reality – even if it's a small and costly one – shown only in renderings until recently.

Deutsche Welle REV was even well informed that Julia Dorny would have to personally investigate this variant of Giulia.

We have told you about this wonderful electrical pattern already but the key points, particularly now that it's alive, should be recalled.

Electric Totem GT

The GT Electric is based on the Alfa Romeo GT, a vehicle also known as the 105 and 115 series by Alfa Romeo fans.

It was constructed from 1963 to 1977, on a shortened giulia body.

Even if it was a really long career, it's the kind of car in continuous development that we enjoy seeing before it has entered electric mobility.

Totem Automobili is similarly powering a 518 bhp 692 pound-feet (825 nm) electric motor where the combustion motor used to be with a 50,4 kWh battery pack weighing only 350 kg (770 pounds).

This enables GT Electric to range in 3.4 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h.

The weight of the car is 1,410 kilograms, even more than that of the prototype.

Electric Totem GT

The layout of the car was substantially updated in order to fit the battery pack, incorporating the initial structure with carbon fiber panel and aluminum sections.

Instead of the wishbone configuration of the original vehicle, GT Electric could have a McPherson suspension.

Multilink substituted the rigid axle at the rear as well.

The restricted aspect of the GT Electric is that the prototype, with a 00/20 total, produced only 20 units.

The CEO of Totem Automobili says that each of them would be customized to its potential shareholders, according to Riccardo Quaggio.

This is not unexpected with a €430,000 price tag (approx. £385,000).

More EV News on conversion:

A conversion package for £8,850 is available at Swindon Powertrain.

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The car can "speak" using an emulation device from Emula's McFly sound and will play off Alfa Romeo's traditional sound – which fans claim is almost musical.

Unfortunately, the vocabulary is incorrect.

The Italian car industry could make its own distinctive voice accessible to the GT Electric by bringing on electric mobility.

If the intention is to make this sound like a gasoline-driven vehicle, it will offer the impression that both the electric car fans and alfisti are in need of a combustion engine from the beginning.

Totem Automobili, render Michelangelo happy.

Sources: Totem Automobili and DW REV