Singer Anne-Marie admits she is jealous of Little Mix

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The singer clarified in her latest YouTube documentary How To Be Anne-Marie that she is jealous of her peers in the Little Mix girl party.

In the documentary she talks about her hardships in the music business with girls Jade, Perrie, Jesy Nelson, and Leigh-Anne.

Anne-Marie has claimed after her release that she felt envious that girls "have each other when living alone.

Talking to Mirror Online, she said: "There was just a point of envy that I felt the talk I had with you was because they got tot and I'm all alone."

"I find it challenging to believe others, and it is difficult to place my confidence in others that aren't me on my travels as it's difficult to know what my life would be like."

Jesy clarified in the documentary that the girls should mourn each other if appropriate, and questioned Anne-Marie about whom she spoke to when she had to come off.

"Actually since you have each other, I'm a little jealous of you," she answered.

"I had them all, as I was at Rudimental, like that There were 10 guests all the time.

She went on say, "I was so happy to be a solist before she was about to talk to someone and then I thought it's not what I thought, when I was like that."

Anne-Marie characterized her transition from Rudimental to an individual singer as a double-edged sword." "This rough bit was just people staring at you."

Last month, the new magistrate at The Voice UK was confirmed, taking care of the first pregnant MeghanTrainor.

Anne-Marie opens in the remainder of the documentary about her upbringing in Essex, counseling encounters and weaknesses.

Check out the entire documentary: Anne-music Marie's and rehabilitation here.

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