US-China Space Hotline Set Up To Avoid Conflict

US-China Space Hotline Set Up To Avoid Conflict

A space hotline has been set up between Washington & Beijing to avoid conflict here on Earth.

US & China created the direct link so that they can easily share technical information approximately their space operations, hopefully avoiding misunderstandings & accidents.

The line has been likened to the nuclear hotlines used during the Cold War. There is already a line between Moscow & Washington which was set up during the era of heightened tensions between Russia & the US.

The move comes after Russia & China ramped up their space attack & defence systems in recent years.

US assistant secretary of state Frank Rose told the Financial Times: "We've been doing a lot of work with the Chinese on this.

"Up until approximately nine or 10 months ago, we had to send notifications (of potential collisions & planned tests] to the Chinese via their ministry of foreign affairs.

"The chain would go from Joint Space Operations Centre to the Pentagon to the State Department, to the US embassy in Beijing, & then on to a contact there."

He added: "Hopefully, it would obtain to the right people in China at the right time."

China has been testing weapons which could knock out US high-tech military capabilities, as part of what Mr Rose called a "full spectrum of anti-satellite capabilities".

Russia & the US have moreover spent large sums of money on their own space weapon programme.

Source: “Sky News”