The £6m Bus Lane: Outrage Over 'Entrapment'

The £6m Bus Lane: Outrage Over 'Entrapment'

Camera enforcement of bus lanes seems to have overtaken parking tickets as the major cause for complaint from motorists, according to the AA.

The motoring organisation is now calling on the Government to intervene, when a single bus lane generates more than 10,000 fines to drivers.

The majority of people have complained of being issued with a ticket for merging into a bus lane too early, as they turn left. Others have said they were caught on camera as they let emergency vehicles pass.

Most complaints have been made in cities, such as London, Leeds, Glasgow, Manchester & Bristol.

A bus lane at a junction in Lambeth is believed to be the top money-maker in the country, bringing in an estimated £6m over the last few years. It has moreover triggered most complaints to the AA.

Chaz Dawson was one of those who has received a fine there.

His original appeal to the local council was rejected, yet he is determined to try again & believes the signage & the road layout is unclear – misleading thousands of motorists each year.

Lambeth Council said: "Motorists who drive in bus lanes cause delays to bus passengers & commuters. Clapham Park Road is used by a vast number of motorists on a daily basis, with the majority doing so without receiving a Penalty Charge Notice… it is clearly marked & complies with all the regulations & standards."

Another bus lane in Glasgow is believed to have raised over £3m.

Edmund King from the AA told Sky News: "Whilst we support the use of bus lanes in the right places, functioning at the right times, we are totally opposed to entrapment cameras on poorly designed or poorly signed bus lane junctions.

"If thousands of drivers are getting tickets at that same junction then something is clearly wrong & that junction or bus lane should be reviewed."

Around 800,000 traffic penalty fines are issued in Great Britain each year.

The Department for Transport has said it is down to local authorities to set the design, operation & enforcement of bus lanes. 

Source: “Sky News”