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Thousands march against Polish govt as constitutional spat drags on

WARSAW (Reuters) – Tens of thousands marched through Warsaw on Saturday to protest against what they called the "democratorship" of the month-old conservative government, as Poland remained locked in a…


Myanmar's minorities fear election victory by military

HPA-AN, Myanmar (AP) — During nearly seven decades the villages of the Karen have been torched, their men summarily executed & their women raped as the ethnic minority battled Myanmar's…


Taliban bombing kills up to 29 in northern Afghanistan

A Taliban attack killed up to 29 people in northern Afghanistan, officials said Sunday, after a wave of lethal bombings in the capital as the insurgency escalates following a bitter…

In Focus: Help Sindhi people if you want to stop religious extremism

Thousands of Sindhi people in Pakistan allegedly face persecution & human rights abuses, according to the World Sindhi Congress, established in 1988 to advocate for the Sindhi community. One of…


People Who Can Imagine Aromas Vividly Tend to Weigh More

People who can vividly imagine smells, such as freshly baked cookies or even wet paint, tend to weigh more than people whose olfactory imaginations are less sharp, new research finds….


BoJo Interrupts Little Bro Mid-Flow In Commons

Boris Johnson found himself in the unusual position of having to ask his younger brother for permission to speak – as the pair took part in a House of Commons…