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The frustrations of allied warfare _ al-Qaida-style

WASHINGTON (AP) — If President Barack Obama or his predecessor thought fighting a war with coalition partners was hard, they might consider Osama bin Laden's frustrations. Among documents gathered from…


US senator stages 10-hour talkathon opposing surveillance

White House hopeful Rand Paul theatrically brought the Senate to a standstill, delivering a 10-hour, 30-minute speech seeking to end intelligence agency bulk telephone data collection from millions of Americans….


Ukraine wants roadmap to EU accession at Riga summit – minister

BERLIN (Reuters) – Ukraine's foreign minister said his country wants assurances at a summit with the European Union this week that it is a suitable candidate for EU membership &…


Okinawa governor hopes US will heed base plan protests

TOKYO (AP) — The governor of the southern Japanese prefecture of Okinawa said Wednesday that he would head to Washington to convey local objections to a plan to relocate a…


Italy to recover shipwreck boat as EU falters on migrant plan

Italy will recover hundreds of bodies from a boat which capsized in April in a bid to prevent the collapse of an EU plan to tackle the migrant crisis, the…


Despite US strikes, IS advances in Syria, Iraq

The Islamic State jihadist group has made several high-profile advances in recent days, despite a US-led air campaign against the movement in Syria & Iraq. Here are answers to some…