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Germany offers France recon jets, frigate for IS fight

Germany on Thursday offered France Tornado reconnaissance jets, a naval frigate, aerial refuelling & satellite images to back the fight against the Islamic State jihadist group. "France was struck to…


Prince Charles warns of 'perfect storm' should Paris climate talks flop

Prince Charles warned Thursday that if international leaders fail to clinch a deal on climate alter at talks in Paris next week, it would leave mankind facing a "perfect storm"….


Kuwait says it busted international ISIL support cell

Kuwaiti security authorities have busted an international cell that was sending air defence systems & funds to the Islamic State of Iraq & the Levant (ISIL) group, the interior ministry…


Volkswagen diesel recall to cost much less than expected – magazine

BERLIN (Reuters) – Volkswagen will probably incur much lower costs than expected for recalling 2.4 million diesel-powered cars in Germany fitted with illegal emissions-control software, German magazine Wirtschaftswoche reported on…


Clinton, Sanders spar over taxes, health care

DALLAS (AP) — Intensifying their rivalry, Hillary Rodham Clinton on Tuesday accused Bernie Sanders of charting a tax increase on middle-class families & undercutting President Barack Obama's signature health care…

NASA's Innovative Drone Glider Prototype Aces Test Flight

A remotely piloted aircraft  achieved an significant research milestone last month when a subscale "flying wing" glider successfully completed a series of flight tests. The remotely piloted glider prototype is…


Defence Firm BAE Systems Axes Up To 371 Jobs

Defence company BAE Systems has announced plans to cut up to 371 jobs as it reduces production of its Typhoon fighter jet. The majority of cuts will be at the…


Facebook reports surge in government requests for data

By Yasmeen Abutaleb & Sudarshan Varadhan SAN FRANCISCO/BANGALORE (Reuters) – Facebook Inc said content restrictions & government requests for data surged in the first half of 2015, which the social…


Africa needs energy for growth, leaders say ahead of climate talks

Africa is looking to key climate talks for solutions to electrify the continent, grow its economies & keep its youth from fleeing abroad, African leaders said in Paris Tuesday. "Migration…


Drug industry bemoans Britain's lack of science skills

LONDON (Reuters) – British pharmaceutical & biotechnology companies face a major skills shortage which threatens future investment & the long-term success of the life sciences sector, according to a new…